I’m Home from Phat Camp

Wow, that was an amazing experience. If you ever get a chance to go you should. Talk about a motivating weekend filled with lots of butt busting workouts (one motto is: pop-squat your a** off! and they mean it), and diet information. I learned so much and hope to use my new knowledge or working out to help all of my clients. The new workouts will be awesome!

Over the weekend we hit all the major muscle groups, did cardio each day, and full body routines. It was tough and I’m in pretty good shape. It was obvious to me that I have grown accustomed to my cushy little routines. 🙂 Not any more! Tomorrow starts my new workouts and I’m glad because it is time to change anyway. Five weeks are up. New cycle.

The new cycle will look like this: M-legs, T-chest, W-back, T-arms, F-shoulders. Each day will have 30-60 minutes of cardio. I would like to split my weights and cardio to two different times a day, but with the business taking off it might not work that way. We’ll see. There is definite benefit to having those two spikes a day in your exercise.

Today  I was too sore to do weights and busy with my son. He’s had the flu and now my dad is in the hospital. So, I just went downstairs and banged out a 30 minute treadmill routine. Wanna see it?

5 min. warm-up
6-8 run at 5.0
8-9 walking lunges on treadmill as fast as I can while going deep in the lunge
9-10 hop off treadmill and do 30 seconds of hill climbers and 30 seconds of crunches
back on treadmill and repeat cycle four times (last two times I did quick side steps instead of lunges to work my hips a little)
10 minutes of steady paced 5.0 incline walking
3 minutes of cooldown

That was it. It was about 33 minutes in length. The workout felt good. I’ll report in tomorrow on my workout.

The diet was good today. I ate every two hours as I have now committed to.

B – 4 egg whites and a banana
S – yogurt with 1/4 cup of Fiber One
S – 100 calorie Balance Bar (at store and needed to eat)
L – Sushi (late lunch)
D – Stir fry shrimp and veggies with small serving of green beans and tomatoes
S – protein shake made with powder and water, 100 cal Balance Bar (those are too good)
S – I’m still awake so I’ll probably have a little watermelon before bed

Drank 3 liters of water today and that was great. I do feel swelled from the Sushi. That’s is something else I need to consider giving up as much as I love it.

Good night all.

  • phitnphat says:

    Thanks! I’ll have to remember that.

  • kerry says:

    when you eat the sushi…consider getting something called chirashi (my spelling is bad , but that is how you pronounce it). Literally, it is “chef’s choice” and what they do is pick the best fish they have and serve it sliced over a bowl of sushi rice. So you can control how much rice you eat. Also if you dip the piece of sushi in the soy sauce, dip it upside down, so the rice does not touch the soy sauce and only the fish does. This is how the Japanese do it. It keeps the rice from soaking up more soy sauce then you want.

  • phitnphat says:

    It’s the sodium for me. I love Sushi but it makes me swell up like a toad. I also don’t make it at home so I end up eating the white rice kind with sugar all in it. I will say this, I don’t see me giving it up but at least cutting back to once a week. I did leave off the soy sauce and that made a difference. Sushi in the grand scheme of things isn’t bad. I could be downing Mickey D’s…now that would be a bad thing.

  • Karen says:

    WHY must you give up the sushi? Cuz of the rice? I know, from making it the real way at home, that they use sugar in it to make it sticky. Well, we just bought some short grained brown rice and boiled it up sans sugar. Was a little messy, but it tasted like the real thing. Just PLEASE! DON’T tell me that sushi or brown rice is bad!!!

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