Lose Weight CHEAP

No one take this personally but I get so out done when people make this harder than it needs to be. Again, let’s go over some basic rules of eating cheap.

It’s only expensive to go on a diet if you buy all the pre-packaged goodies, buy healthy stuff and throw it out each week after not eating what you didn’t prep, and (my favorite) have plenty of money for the vending machine but not enough for a box of oatmeal.

You can lose weight eating only these things if you are broke.

1. Eggs – 3 of them are great cooked with frozen GENERIC red peppers and onions. Pair it with a Kroger Carb Master yogurt (5 for $2 most weeks) and you have breakfast for less than a dollar a day.

2. Oatmeal – 1/2 cup mixed with 1 tbsp of PB and a cup of skim milk and WOOT WOOT you got a breakfast or a snack. Hell, have it for dinner if you like.

3. Chicken Breast – buy some breasts (they are cheap, cheap, cheap compared to those frozen dinners, vending machines, convenience stores, and Subway stops you make a few times a week), cook in crockpot with a jar of Ragu, and mix with brown rice. If you want to get crazy add in a bag of frozen spinach (dirt butt cheap) to boost the veggie content. You now have dinner for a week. Want to get super crazy and dump the rice for a baked potato and use the chicken to top the tater. Nummy.

4. Nothing like you buying a big bag of generic pretzels, bagging it up into single servings and enjoying with some peanuts. They are cheap and if PB is good for you then I’m sure peanuts are, too. You don’t have to buy the most expensive nut in the bunch.

5. Lettuce…get you a couple of heads, wash and chop and toss into a big bowl. I like to chop a few things of celery and green onions for flavor and they are really cheap. Get a lowfat generic dressing and eat a big salad with lunch and dinner.

6. Stew Meat – it’s cheap. I cook mine in generic beef broth and half a white onion for flavor in the crock pot. I then bag it into 4 oz servings and throw it on top of a salad.

7. Cottage Cheese – cheap protein that gives you dairy and can be made into a lot. I like to cut up tomatoes, cukes, green onions and mix it with a little lite Miracle Whip. Snack time! You can also blend it with some ice, water and sugar free pudding mix for dessert. Booyah – you are on your way to putting money in the bank to buy new clothes when you lose weight.

8. Vegetables – I’ve named a few but green beans in the can are cheap, beans can be a quick side item, and a baked sweet potato is great as a morning snack.

9. Last but not least – FRUIT – bananas, apples, and oranges are cheap almost year round. Buy a few and eat a piece each day.

Hey, this ain’t fancy but if you are broke and overweight you gotta put up with not being fancy. I just gave you CHEAP ways to eat every meal, spend next to nothing at the store, spend minimal time prepping food, and getting in a healthy diet.

Besides, if you are really broke you should have time to prep a little to save money because you can’t go out and shouldn’t have cable. Right?

Now, park far away from the grocery store and get to shopping. I just gave you a bonus workout.

  • Kathleen says:

    We talked about this a couple of weeks ago at my WW meeting. Here are a few more tips.
    1. Beans, navy, white, pinto, cheap and easy. Rinse them to avoid the sodium.
    2. Buy fruits when they are in season. Frozen berries are also reasonable most of the time.
    3. Buy in bulk and if its TOO much share with a friend.
    4. Portion control. If you are eating the correct portion you will save money. Remember 3 oz of chicken or about the size of your palm is a single serving.
    5. Clip coupons. Most stores match other stores and if its on sale stock up for use later.
    6. Make a list!!!! Decide what you will have for your meals and ONLY buy what is on that list.
    7. Bring your own lunches or make them and freeze ahead for a future lunch or dinner.
    8. Plant a garden. Even if you aren’t a really green thumb person. A tomato plant or zucchini plant are very easy and can supply an enormous amount of fresh veggies.
    AND the quote I used for that night was:
    “Cash might be tight, BUT your pants don’t have to be”
    Eat healthy and live longer.

  • GREAT post! People do say that “it’s too expensive to eat healthy.” But COME ON – fast-food eating is crazy expensive. Chicken + rice + green beans for 2 for a week is like $10! I love cooking and figuring out how much meals cost when you DIY it! Amazing – thanks for this!

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