Loving My Body

We are running a challenge in the month of August in my private site where the girls are challenged each week to love different things. One week we did pictures of our positive affirmations and where we keep them. This week we are talking about body parts we love.

It’s been hard for them and this week I noticed we had a lot less activity. Everyone just kept talking about they just can’t find anything. That makes me sad. And, it mad me angry yesterday because one thing I’ve always said is FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT. So, I posted a collage of a bunch of my scars and said I loved them for they remind me of my journey. I also said that I was faking it because most days I don’t like how they look, but I have to get over that. They are just a part of me and my reminder of the hard work I’ve done the last eight years.

One of my clients jumped in and posted something quite AWESOME. It was so good I asked if I could share with all of you. Words we should all read and heed.

My body is like a family member. I take it for granted, fight with it constantly, yet unconditionally love it all at the same time. 

My small feet and short legs have gotten me through my greatest physical challenges. They’ve hiked up mountains and run 26.2. 

My belly is soft, round, and divinely feminine. Inside lies my great communicator- my gut. It only tells me the truth- when I choose to listen. 

My body tells my life’s story. 

My nose is from my dad’s side while my curves are from my mom’s side. To reject these features is to reject the beauty and history of my ancestors. 

My body tells my family’s story. 

I don’t always feel this way. Truthfully, I rarely feel this way. I get confused and frustrated by the shifting of my hips and lumpy upper thighs. Tears roll when the jeans don’t fit. Sometimes I punish my body, cram it into spanx, and deny it nourishment. I’ll give it the silent treatment.

Then I remember that my body is…well…me. It’s the traveling case of my soul. I bring it to yoga, stretch it, breathe into it, while giving it the loving care it deserves. When I’m lying in savasana, tired and sweaty, I am grateful for what my body has accomplished and given to me.


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