Maintain or Not To Maintain…That is the question!

Since Logan is home for the summer I need to work out from 5-7am. I guess I don’t ‘have’ to since I have a home gym in the basement and a husband who would let me go at night. It’s just that I feel like my workouts shouldn’t interfere with my motherly duties.

Is getting up early and making my body kick into high gear easy? Not really. It used to be but age is catching up. I go to the gym, but it does take some mental visualization and about 15 min. of cardio to start. I’d love to say I could just do some warm-ups and start lifting but my blood and mind don’t move fast enough at 5am. Just a touch of mindless cardio really works for me. Plus, I freaking like cardio and won’t apologize for doing it. I spent 30 years not doing cardio and all it got me was wasted youth. Now that I can run and such I WANT to do it so I do it with pride.

What is sort of bugging me these days is what to do with myself. Exercise wise I’m not having trouble staying motivated to do it just because I like it. I thought after finishing competing there would be a small part of me missing the deadline or the goal. I haven’t missed it and I’ve got a lot of fun fitness events and races planned later this year to keep me happy. What is my struggle these days is the food. Not the eating healthy, but the putting myself into a true maintenance mindset.

The last few days as I have rested more, ate more good carbs, and changed up my menu I’ve noticed hunger. Some of this is emotionally driven with being home with Logan, too. I know for a fact today I was THIS CLOSE to just eating through a major meltdown over the water being too cold on his new Slip and Slide. If you are a neighbor I can assure you he hadn’t ripped a limb off or anything although I am sure he sounded that way. LOL.

I called Chris and seriously had to just voice my thoughts. It gets that way with me. I just need to ‘hear’ myself say things for them to make sense or for me to at least believe what I think and what I should do match up. It amazes me how it is crystal clear for me to hand out advice all day, lead women to the weightloss promiseland, and inspire y’all, yet I will argue with myself on silliness when it comes to my life.

So, I “think” and this could all change tomorrow that I need to weigh a couple of times a week, bite the bullet and give myself more calories. Makes me nervous. I didn’t do Lose It in Vegas and it felt great. I ate when and what I wanted just making good choices. Short of the booze I wouldn’t have gained any weight. I didn’t gain much since my clothes still fit and judging by things this morning I should be back to where I was exactly one week from leaving Vegas. 

Since I go on vacation next week (leaving Wed for a week at the beach and don’t bother breaking in since Chris will still be here), I am going to move my calories to maintenance and then quit tracking again Wednesday. I’m going to just eat smart in FL and see what happens after I get back.

The deal is I have to trust my knowledge and get over needing to look perfect. IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN CORINNE. As we all know your good habits will take you exactly where you want to be. That’s a given. Now I just need to work on the next part and that is appreciating where I am rather than always looking for something better.

If I didn’t learn anything from training with my Coach, Tony, it’s that I have made amazing strides in my body. He said to me so many times that over the three years we worked together I look like a different person. He’s right. I need to listen to that wise man and respect his wisdom by appreciating the results of his work with me. I know I did the “work” but he really taught me a lot about my body. Time to actually apply all that and quit second guessing.

And I hope to do that. After all, it’s always my goal with the PNP clients for them to not need me. I don’t want to just take their money forever. I want them to get HERE, to have the good days, have the moments where you DO feel like you look, and be self-confident to take the training and do the lifestyle. Isn’t it what we all want as we try to lose this weight? We want to lose fat but lose the self-doubt baggage that comes with our pounds.

We’ll see. As of today I am just grateful to have kicked ass in workout this morning (spin and abs). I got that. We’ll see what happens with food. Maybe I’ll have a second apple today. J

Oh, and y’all tell me. Do you want me to post anything about my food or just thoughts?

  • Alison says:

    I like food and thoughts 🙂 Especially where I am right now in my journey. Thank you so much for being so open and honest. Knowing that you too are feeling some of the things I am makes me feel like not such a headcase 😉 Maintenance is by far the hardest thing ……… mentally and physically….Who knew ?!?!?
    Hope you have a great weekend !!

  • Tammy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ve been going through the same struggle lately with no show looming in the near future I’m finding myself unsatisfied with the way I’m doing things yet I know I dont need a strict diet and to kill myself twice a day to maintain a competitors body. Its ok to look normal and healthy as long as I’m eating helathy and getting my workouts in. Life is too short to keep looking in the mirror and being dissatisfied! Thanks again…..I’m gonna get on the maintaining mindset ASAP!!! and yes please share!!!

  • Joni says:

    I second that Lori…gotta see the food to get some good ideas! We love you girl!I prefer just throwing out something for an idea not necessarily posting Lose It. We appreciate EVERYTHING you do honey!

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    OK…I know what you mean because I’ve been either building or losing for what seems like forever now. Before it was losing and honestly so long ago I’m not remembering quite all the feelings. So, starting tomorrow I’ll toss out something I ate for the day. I am really torn on doing Lose It which would at least give a more accurate showing. I might try taking some pics and such. I hope you girls appreciate it because it could get time consuming!!!!  

  • Lori Wischmann says:

    Food, food, food 🙂 Of course I love to read your thoughts but girl, I gotta know what true maintenance looks like since I’m getting close to being there. I’m starting to think, what is it like to maintain? I’ve always been either trying to lose weight or gaining weight mindlessly.

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