Making Yoga Your Yoga

I’ve been working on my headstand against a wall and some basic inversion work. Today as part of my #14days2awesome I did this free class online at called Power Yoga for Shoulder Stability. It was great!

First, that’s a handy site with all types and levels of yoga. If you haven’t checked it out you should.

Second, some people love yoga at home and others prefer a studio or class. I find I get a lot out of yoga at my house because I can modify easily. I have the space to do it! The key is finding videos where the instructor gives a lot of cues if you are new to yoga.

In this practice I couldn’t do the shoulder stand so I went to the wall and practiced getting into head stand instead. That’s the beauty of yoga; you can make it YOUR class. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

I also couldn’t do (yet) wheel where she dropped to her elbows. Holy cow! Talk about a goal for me. I love that yoga shows me goals without me feeling like I’m going to kill myself to get there. I just practiced holding my wheel and taking deep breaths rather than huffing or holding my breath.

This class is more intermediate but if you are beginning yoga they have classes. On my private member PNP site I also have some yoga videos I’ve shot with my own beginners. Right now I am working on developing classes and cues for curvy women yoga. Basically, I remember what it is like to start exercising at 250 lbs and you have to think about a lot of things: your boobs getting out of control, chaffing, thighs keeping your from having your feet together, etc.

***Note: I did write this blog yesterday to keep up with my #100daysofblogging but we update the PNP site to be better for our clients so I couldn’t post. 🙂




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