More Mason Jar Salad Talk

As you know, I love a good Mason Jar Salad. The answers I give most often about them are:

1) The lettuce and food DOESN’T GO BAD. The glass doesn’t “breathe” like plastic.

2) You DON’T have to seal them.

3) Your salad will last about a WEEK.

4) You can eat out of the jar or dump into a bowl.

5) You choose if you want your dressing in the bottom or throw it on later.

I’ve written blogs on them before:

Mason Jar Salads – My video on how to make them.

Mason Jar Salad – Detailed description on I make mine. Includes a recipe for delicious ranch dressing that’s low calorie.


Another Mason Jar Salad – My turkey salad recipe.

And lately, I’ve seen several variations I can’t wait to try! Check these out:

Fresh Mozzarella Pasta Spinach Salad


Buffalo Chicken Mason Jar Salad

Chopped Broccoli Ham and Swiss Mason Jar Salad

Chopped Black Bean and Corn Mason Jar Salad

With spring around the corner these are a great change of pace to the soups and stews we’ve been eating all winter long!

If you are NEW to food prep, this blog by Super Foods Life is a great primer for FOOD PREP!

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  • Lisa says:

    I luv the mason jar idea. Will anything you put in the last a week and can you other types of glass containers as well.

  • Jennifer Robertson says:

    I find by day 5 (or Friday for me) the greens look a little questionable. I have both sealed and not sealed before. I have not tried avocado, how does that look on day 5?

    • Mine usually hold up good but I use a variety of greens. I like using cabbage slaw a lot instead of lettuces. Make sure your lettuce is REALLY DRY when you put in the jar. For the avocado, squirt some lemon on it so the acidity keeps it going brown. With avocado I would probably make about three of those and two that hold up longer for the last part of the week.

      I also am not super picky on food. I’ve been known to eat stuff at least 7 days old often. Never been sick!

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