Mason Jar Salads Video: Quick & Easy

Mason Jar Salads — How I Prep For The Week

Women always ask me about my mason jar salads, and it has been surprising to learn how many different (and good) mason jar salad questions they have!

In this video, I show you step-by-step how I prep my week’s worth of mason jar salads. My friend Stephanie is filming and asking great questions along the way, so you get to hear about some of the options you can take with Your Mason Jar Salads when it’s your turn to make them.


  • Becky says:

    Just discovered your work. I love that your tips are practical and easy to implement. Looking forward to learning more.

  • Susan says:

    Thank you! You can obviously tell I’m not a cook any way. However I’m learning and appreciate your help!

  • Yes…there is a difference between plastic and jars. The jars keep it fresh because they seal and the glass doesn’t BREATHE like plastic does. They are the secret to freshness.

    That’s not a silly question at ALL lady. It’s a good one!

  • Susan says:

    Love it! Now here’s a silly question. Is there a difference between using a jar -vs- just a tupperware/plastic container? I was wondering if it’s a freshness issue or something. Thanks, Corinne!

  • Lisa Kavaliauskas says:

    I loved the video. I am a visual learner, so this is great. I am going to try them this week. Thank you!

  • Regan says:

    The video was a wonderful technique and I love the transcript!! I think it was worth it!!!

  • Alli says:

    I like the idea of the turkey breast you used. How much was in the package? I’m going to make this for me, but need to have leftover for the kids. This looks pretty close to what I’ll need.

    • I buy 1.5lbs and have them cut on a five so it’s thick. 2lbs if I want some leftover to cube and put in snack baggies. I often will cube up some and put in a small baggie for Logan and then toss that baggie into a larger sandwich sized one filled with grapes. It’s a great afternoon snack for him while I teach bootcamp!

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