How to Make Mason Jar Salads

Everyone is blowing up my Facebook wondering how to make Mason Jar Salads this week. My Are You Dieting But Not Losing Weight blog discussed them so I thought I would share my recipe and how I did it.

Mason Jar Salads: Getting Ready

I bought my quart Mason Jars at Kroger which is our grocery store. They were $10 for 12. The I decided what I wanted in my salad and got all the ingredients. Once I got home, I cooked my proteins and chopped all my veggies. Some stuff I bought done like pre-shredded slaw (no dressing), lettuce and shredded carrots.

Once everything is done then I assembled my Mason Jar Salads. I just made one kind for me all week. Next week I plan to make salads for me and Chris and Logan. My baby loves a salad just like his momma!

Mason Jar Salads: Assembly

For my Mason Jar Salads I used the following and put in order from the bottom:

  • Shredded Cabbage (the kind you buy in a bag if you are making coleslaw)
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Diced Celery
  • Chopped Green Onion
  • 1/2 a chopped hard boiled egg
  • 1 diced small chicken thigh (I cook this in my Pampered Chef Rigid Baker - lay down chicken thighs, sprinkle McCormicks Smokehouse Maple Seasoning, cover baker with wax paper, cook on high 5 min., flip, season again, 4-5 min. again depending on how thick the thighs are)
  • Chopped cilantro
  • Lettuce

Some people put dressing in the bottom of the jar. I just add mine when I'm ready to eat it. Often I like just a packet of Truvia sprinkled over my salad and then some Balsamic Vinegar. This week I did make some homemade, yummy low calorie dressing this week. Take 1 cup of Greek Yogurt Plain, mix with a packet of Ranch seasoning, and then add 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk. The whole jar comes out to less than 200 calories and my husband loves it!

Mason Jar Salad Ranch Dressing

This blog from NeatPins is where I originally got the idea and she has more ideas for Mason Jar Salads. Here are her tips...

1. Dressing on the bottom, lettuce on the top. If the two are touching the lettuce will turn to slime.

2. So, dressing goes in first. On top of your dressing, use a rather "hearty" vegetable, such as shredded cabbage, pea pods, or julienne carrot matchsticks. They can withstand the acidity of the dressing, and actually get better!

3. Pack it in. Use a nice variety of colorful vegetables! Make it fun and involve the kids.

When I make Logan's salad next week I plan to do these things...his FAVORITES!

Diced Green Pepper

Shredded Carrots

Chic Peas

Diced Cucumber



Parm Cheese


Dried Cranberries

Sunflower Seeds


I still have to ask Daddy what he wants in his. He loves Mexican so I'm thinking a taco salad inspired version! Have fun and let me know what salads you try or think might work. I'm on Day Three and they are still fresh as all get out!

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12 thoughts on “How to Make Mason Jar Salads

    • That’s not dumb! I dump mine into a big bowl and eat it. Some people eat out of the jar. If I have to eat on the road (you know how bad I am to eat in the car) you better believe it’s going with me. If you want to eat out of the jar you can leave some room in the top so you can shake it up when you are ready to mix up the dressing.

    • My hubs (the computer dude behind all this) is working on a button BUT you can already share on Pinterest. At the top next to the other buttons is a share+ button. Click on that, go to Pinterest, and share away.

  1. I tried these this week, my recipe (from bottom to top):
    ranch or green goddess dressing
    shredded carrots
    green peppers
    diced onion
    a little low fat bacon crumbles
    a dash of garlic wine seasoning from the melting pot
    bunch of lettuce

    they are on day 3 and the mushroom and cucumbers have seen better days – any thoughts on the recipe or how I can do this better?

    • The garlic wine seasoning is that liquid or dry? You can put the tomatoes further down like with the green peppers. they might be making the other things too wet but cucumbers will go fast. It doesn’t bother me but some people take the stuff that goes down fast and bag it then toss in when ready to use. So you would grab a bag and a jar before heading out.

      • The garlic wine seasoning is dry, like mrs dash. yesterday’s salad was great (2days old) but todays was a lot soggier! I’m still eating them, one: cause they are my veggies, 2 I’ve already paid for them and they are handy.

  2. Did you ever try a mexian version? I love Taco Salad and before I even read the post thought about trying that. That’s def going on my food prep list for next week.