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Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having phabulous day! I have to say that I’m doing well and feeling really good about training is going. The business is picking up and I have some great clients who are working hard.

So, while I was at Phat Camp (by the way it is all women unless you sign up for a weekend where men are allowed) they announced a Biggest Loser type competition that Jenn is running this year for all Phat Campers. I’m entering. Even though I’ve lost a lot of weight and do have some muscle, I have a long way to go on improving my own physique and lowering my body fat.

For a long time I felt like I had to beat it hard with the cardio if I wanted to lose weight and maintain. I mean I’ve done some incredible amounts of cardio and had little to no time for weights because I couldn’t see those calories tick off on the old Heart Rate Monitor. Finally I have had my eyes opened. Now, and for the past few months, I have been doing my weights first and my cardio second. Since finishing my last 1/2 marathon in December and closing out the holidays, I have been very conscious of really focusing on intense weight training and shorter but more intense cardio sessions. Wow, is it paying off. This morning I finally saw a good drop in the scale and, more importantly, the body fat. I’ll keep everyone posted on the trend.

Today’s Workout: Back

Superset One – 3 sets
Seated Cable Rows – 12
Bentover DB Pulls – 12
Supermans – 20

Superset Two – 3 sets
One handed DB Pulls with bottom twist – 12
Lat Pulldowns – 10
Full Sit ups – 20

Superset Three – 2 sets
DB Deadlifts – 10
DB Rows with pulses – 10
Alternating Supermans – 10

Cardio was 40 minutes level 10 Stairmaster.


B – Oatmeal, 1 banana (160 cals)
S – Boca Burger on WW Bread (170 cals)
L – 4 oz. chicken breast with 1 cup of beans and corn mix, watermelon (400 cals)
S – 100 cal Balance Bar, 1 diet Mt. Dew (100 cals)
S – Apple Slices (I always want to munch with my son when he gets home) (90 cals)
D – 4. oz. chicken breast on spinach salad with 1 cup of beans and corn mix and cucumber and snap peas dipped in Light Miracle Whip and Wasabi Mustard Blend (450 cals)
S – Dry Fiber One(120 cals)

That’s all folks.


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