My Rules I Live By…

My friends often tell me, “I love how you think about things.” It’s taken years of work to get to where I think like I do today.

I have some personal simple rules I live by that help me think like a pro…

“I will figure this out.”

“I refuse to worry.”

“Make a decision so we can get to the doing part.”

“Regret is never an option.”

“Easy is always better than complicated.”

But it wasn’t always like this.

At 17 I attempted suicide so obviously I wasn’t “born” this way. My podcast “My Story About Depression and How I Overcame It” goes into detail on this.

What I did was simple. 

I came up with a few rules about how I wanted to think about my life.

When I caught myself not thinking by my rules, I stopped and told myself those thoughts. No joke. I often say those things out loud just to make sure I heard my damn self.

Nowadays I rarely catch myself breaking the rules. But when I first started it was a lot of talking out loud and redirecting through the day.

Like 736 times a day, I would say.

So, what are your rules you live by?

Here’s the thing. You have them already. Make sure they are working for you.

  • Shannon says:

    I just subscribed to the podcast or maybe it’s a “groupie” but I want to find how I can open and listen to some of older podcasts let’s say #46. I only see new ones in my library

  • Marie says:

    Rules I live by:
    1. Never cry over anything that can’t cry over you.
    2. Choose kindness.
    3. Own up to your shit. Apologize.
    3. Just keep swimming…

  • Debby says:

    Corinne I cannot thank you enough for your podcasts. I found it shortly after the beginning of the year and I love it. I knew I was on a journey to change but recently that path has been filled with tools to help me succeed. Like talking nice to myself. Thanks so much for what you do.

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