Need Easy Prep!

I swear I am living way out my comfort zone these days. It’s so strange to not food prep on Sunday! I feel naked.

But, we’re heading to #vegas on Tues and I didn’t want to do a mini prep so here’s my convenience plan I pulled together:

B – Shakeology, pumpkin seeds, and piece of fruit
L – Leftover chicken dinner with green beans (yes it’s a week old LOL)
D – 3 scrambled eggs in a little butter with sweet potato and canned beets
S – rice cakes and peanut butter, apple and cottage cheese with pumpkin seeds

B – 4 scrambled eggs in a little butter, sweet potato
L – Grapefruit with cottage cheese and pumpkin seeds
D – on airplane frozen Annie’s veggie lite pizza, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with berries
S – cheese and fruit at the Palazzo

Many of my clients get overwhelmed with food prep. This weekend I was telling my story to two different people who had no clue about how long I had been overweight (since age 9), that Chris fell in love with me while I was overweight, and that I had never food prepped until AFTER I lost my weight. In fact, the first time I did a major food prep it was the week Logan was diagnosed with Autism, We immediately went gluten and casein free right as I started my very first competition diet! Talk about jumping in with both feet. Back then I didn’t know much about cooking and you couldn’t just go to Whole Foods and buy GF anything other than a dry cracker. Most of my food in my early days was frozen dinners, precut fruit from the store, canned veggies, and such. I had “healthy” versions of Hamburger Helper, we ate a lot of Boca Burgers, and more. Thank God I started experimenting with cooking because my food is a ton better now and doesn’t take that much time in the scheme of things.

Food prep doesn’t have to be crazy fancy. There are just a few things you need to do. Make stuff you will like, portion it, and then eat. Not everything has to be fresh. Honestly, I could eat that menu up top for two weeks and be fine. It’s got a mix of some vegetables and fruits and easy stuff to grab. Is it the BEST menu ever? No. But neither is a menu that overwhelming and doesn’t get prepped. Basically, quit making excuses and start making time to be realistic with where you are right now.

Wish me luck in Vegas! I’m taking a few days off from exercise to rest my body and looking to have a wonderful trip with my love.


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