New Heavy Day

Starting this week, I’m going heavy weights twice a week. Next week I’ll develop a new plan to begin the following week as next week concludes this microcycle. Today’s workout:

Conventional Deadlifts – 5×6
Smith Machine Squats – 5×6
Flat Dumbbell Chest Press – 5×7-8
Bicep Hammer Curls – 5×6
Overhead Extenions – 5×6
Seated Rows – 5×6
(sets x reps)

Cardio: 25 minutes level 12 (of 20) stairmaster intervals followed by 12 minutes of running intervals on the treadmill. The running was OK, but I needed to test out my hip because I have a long run scheduled tomorrow.

My diet today:

B – protein smoothie (blueberries, 1/3 banana, 1/4 cup of dry oats, 1 scoop protein powder, 8 oz. milk)
Post workout snack – Latte SF/FF (not a great choice, but it has protein and I forgot my snack cooler…also, had to run errands and couldn’t go home for a good snack)
Lunch – spicey shrimp sushi with raw sugar snap peas
Afternoon snack – Zone Bar
Dinner – black bean soup with shrimp and salad with cottage cheese dressing, watermelon
Before bed snack – fat free yogurt and mint hot tea

Today I have struggled emotionally with my weight. It has gone up a tad in the last two weeks and it is freaking me out. In my head I know it has more to do with the increased weights and water retention, but in my heart I just ache when I see myself going up. I promise to myself to not worry about it and give it two weeks to stabilize. The weights are just going up so I can’t expect any loss in weight for at least that long.

I am excited about two other things. Tomorrow I’m launching my new Phit-N-Phat Personal Training to my newsletter members and this weekend I’m attending Phat Camp in Atlanta. This is a camp for weight training and competition fitness competitors. It’s a dream of mine to one day do one of these, and this camp will teach me stuff I can pass onto everyone and let me see what it takes to get ready for such an endeavor like a figure competition.

Well, I must get my sleep. It is late and your muscles can’t repair without proper rest. Good night.


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