P90X3 My Review and Video Modifications

I have the new P90X3 and since I’ve done the previous ones I wanted to give an update on my thoughts. It’s solid and quick. I’m in the process of finalizing my training for The Dopey Challenge (4-days and 48.8 miles through Disney Land) and been mixing several of the DVD’s into my training.


It’s well designed and quick. I can do a run and still get in 30 min. of either balance work, strength training, or agility work. What I love is that the videos have a ton of stabilization exercises and reaches back to yoga for those moves. There are weight workouts, too, and if you are working on your pull-ups or push-ups you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. My back has felt it for sure.

The cuing is much better with these DVDs. Maybe because they are fast there’s not enough time to do much talking outside of what the user needs to know. I have enjoyed the yoga cues, especially, because man that’s my WEAK area: STABILITY.


I’m not a huge Tony Horton fan when it comes to the jokes. I am already using the cue only function. It’s like he forgets his jokes will be heard over and over again.

The “modifications” are not for a beginner in my opinion. T25 set the bar on taking a program for all levels. My clients have no problems with the modifications in that one. With this set, I’ve had to shoot some of my own modification videos and I’ve posted them to Youtube. As I add more I will add them to this blog for you. There are times the modifier is doing nothing other than what the rest of the people are. My opinion is that the MAJORITY of people who order videos aren’t cut and built experts in plyo! They could have dialed some of it down a bit. I’m pretty athletic and thank God I know how to modify. A beginner without a trainer like me to ask how to make changes might feel defeated. DON’T! Even if you don’t order through me or belong to PNP I’m happy to find you a substitute if you ask in the comments. I want you to feel successful doing any kind of exercise.

That’s my review. I have several people in PNP doing the DVDs and I plan to use most of them starting in two weeks. I’m mixing the X3 DVDs with a heavy lifting rotation and a little running. Now that I’m dialing my running back I’m ready to get focused on my balance, strength, muscle and flexibility.

Hope this helps! If you do want to order it work with me as your Beachbody Coach/Trainer you can access my site at www.beachbodycoach.com/phitnphat.

Modifications for Total Synergistics


The Challenge Modifications

  • Tracy says:

    I actually agree with you. I am a group fitness instructor and consider myself to be in pretty good shape…but plyo pushups during the Agility workout? I can’t do them and there were no options for something easier. I should also state that I am only through day 4.:)

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