No Pain No Gain…Hmmm…

How many of us have felt guilty for taking time off or easy days? I’ve been guilty of it most of my “diet” life. It’s hard for me to walk the balance between when I need to drag my ass to the gym because it’s on my schedule and when I need to take an easy day or do NOTHING.

I remember when I was losing my 100lbs I NEVER took time off. The exercise had to be daily. For so many years in my life (30 of them) when I took a day off it turned into weeks, months, or a year. As a trainer now I wonder if that was “good” or “bad”. Probably neither.

You see, when I first started I needed that habit more than I needed a day off. I also was so out of shape that workouts were a walk for 30 min. You know, any healthy person should walk daily and if you aren’t you really need to start. 30 min. a day isn’t much movement and barely a dent in keeping you alive. Now I have days I need to take that same damn walk instead of taking a day off or pushing through the pain and killing a workout.

No pain, no gain’ does not mean that pain systematically equals gain. It’s easy to go hard. It’s hard to go smart.

Erwan Le Corre

I truly believe we all need to move daily short of having an injury. And most people with an injury have things they still can and need to do from PT exercises, stretching, upper body work, lower body work, whatever. Just because your foot is hurt doesn’t mean your butt can’t sit in a chair and do some upper body strengthening work.

The SMART thing to do is to not exercise just for looking good. Hell yes we all want to wake up and look so hot we can’t stand to wear clothes BUT train to feel awesome. If you feel awesome looking that way takes care of itself.

Feeling awesome means having a smart plan. I’ve been really changing the way I do things lately. More yoga. I used to HATE IT. I mean who the hell burns a ton of calories inverted? I’m not saying yoga is easy. The kind I do isn’t easy at all but it’s not a calorie scorcher which is what I know a BUNCH OF US bitch about. We will do exercise that we truly need but get pissed it didn’t burn enough calories. Let me be the first to say it; so what if you could have burned 200 more calories if it was just buying you an extra snack or probably a “cookie reward” for working hard? Make your food work for you rather than beating your body into the ground.

It’s definitely hard for me mentally. I’ve always felt like my exercise life is going to go away one day. I doubt that but insecurities sneak around my head! The only way it will is if I don’t take care of myself in a way that allows exercise to always be a part of my life. Finding balance is hard but being out of balance is WAY HARDER on me emotionally. When I’m out of balance I’m hard on myself, call myself names, feel tired, and I never have time for anything and yet doing everything.

Definitely, it’s easier to go hard but the pay off isn’t always so good. The more effort I put into making sure I am meeting my recovery needs and nourishment needs I find food is easier to handle, I’m just happier, and that exercise goes from a chore to that daily bliss session. And when I’m ready to kick some ass I got the energy, will and desire to be the baddest mother in the gym!


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