PNP Success Story Michelle

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Michelle’s story struck me when it said “I always felt fat.”

Lord, I said that a million times in my life. Both of us felt fat all our lives as we struggled with weight from young ages.

That gets beat into your head until you just believe it.

I asked her to share her story because, like me, she changed that belief. I went to saying things like…

“I can try this.”

“I just need to go back and learn more.”

“If this small changes works…maybe this will help, too.”

We both reframed our thinking to drop the weight. See, it wasn’t an exercise plan or diet that did it. What we did in our stories is change how we thought about things. When we noticed old “stories” of how we couldn’t do something we quickly said, “Nope…we now ask ourselves what CAN WE DO.”

Her story is inspiring. Enjoy!

  • Emily says:

    Ahh Michelle, I loved reading this! You’re awesome and inspire me daily (((hugs)))

  • Jennifer Kalogris says:

    Michelle, I loved reading your story. I am so proud of the changes you have made for yourself. You are inspiring to me and many. You look amazing! I know for myself I need to switch to AM workouts too because there are just to many reasons after work to let interrupt a workout. Thank you to share.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you Jennifer! Sorry I’m just getting to this, I just saw your comment today. I really appreciate your kind words. Changing to AM workouts was definitely a game changer for me. Nights are just too full of excuses!

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