Post Vegas Getting Off My Bloat and Butt

Long title right? I promised my personal clients that once my blog was “fixed” (we had some technical issues hence my hiatus) that I would talk about how I’ve been living from December to now. Here it goes!

In early December I got SERIOUS with my Fitbit and my food journal. There are two secrets:

1) With the Fitbit I join or start challenges each week. I am competitive and one thing I’m good at is making sure I walk a lot. I have a Treadmill Homemade Workstation I use and even as I write this blog I’m walking and working. In December my goal was 11,500 steps per day and any other workouts were lifting weights, yoga, a few runs, etc. The bulk of moving is the walking, though.

2) I use faithfully. I log my food daily with a goal to eat at least 2000 calories a day. I don’t cut out fun food, I drink wine, I eat desserts, and I love me some fruits and vegetables. I don’t buy into eating clean ONLY. My life needs a little dirt, so I play in the mud some. I make sure I can afford to have those foods in my calories and only enough that they don’t make feel like crap.

Through the month I saw my weight trending down. I wasn’t dieting at all. TRUST ME. I am an open book. There are at least 20 women in my PNP group who asked to get my food log daily. They can give testimony that my food is a beautiful blend of fun and health.

End of December we went on our annual trip to Las Vegas for 8 days to ring in 2015. Man we had some fun and I totally went into the trip with a few goals:

1) Eat what I want, when I want, and just make each bite worth it. Sometimes that meant being full and other times it meant a few bites and done.

2) Exercise some. I got in my steps each day, ran a few times, and that’s it. I counted my dancing as exercise, too.

3) Weigh in the minute I got back so I could see a nice gain, tell the world I didn’t lose my mind like they do after vacation, then get back to business so I could blog it and make the next girl feel a bit better about her journey.

Here’s a couple of food pictures. This is how I journaled while there because I didn’t want to count calories but show my clients what I was eating while gone.

vegas1 vegas2


Now it’s middle January. I’ve been consistent with my walking goals and back to usual healthy business. The near five pounds I put on in about 10 days through the holidays is all gone plus a pound. You see, most of what you gain when you go on vacation or the holidays is simple bloat. It only becomes “fat” if you just do nothing about it. I didn’t get crazy but went to my lifestyle for help.

This picture is me back-to-business.


That’s why I tell all of you to get off the HARD diets. If you are miserable with how you are trying to lose weight you will not choose to eat and move this way the rest of your life. Each holiday and vacation will be harder and harder to come off of when you HATE the way you live. Hell, I used to that. I would lose some weight and then hit a few days of “living”. Then I would dread going back on a diet that would take months to start. Those months were spent gaining what I lost plus some. It’s why I had to lose 100lbs!!!!

What’s different now is that I don’t hate how I live. You have to make sure that the way you are losing weight feels right. If it does then you seamlessly can flow in and out of the times in life where you indulge.
Feel free to ask me anything you want about what I eat. I will weigh in again tomorrow. I’m expecting a small gain. It’s Mother Nature time and she’s angry this month! Rather than get pissy I will just look forward to the next weigh in when the bloat will be gone.

I love seeing the scale go up and down. It just shows me how amazing the body works to protect you and how it responds to what is going on in your life.

  • Lindsay Richey says:

    I think the biggest thing to realize is that vacation weight gain really isn’t permanent. The last few times I vacationed I actually lost weight. I think it was because we were out doing stuff, not sitting at home at night watching t.v. Great blog Queenie, keep ’em coming!

  • Kat Duvic says:

    I love this! Gotta figure out how to make our wellness coincide who we actually are- not what works for others. I’ve got a ton of diet and wellness books and have realized that a little from each one works for me- but no single plan, cause I’m one unique lady!

  • Tara says:

    Love the new blog design! I love that you share how it is possible to have fun with food and drinks and not stress! Everything in life is a balance, once you understand your own balance (food, fun, exercise) its makes it so stressfree and FUN!

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