Reduced Fat Peanut Butter – Don’t Be Fooled!

What is a marketing trap? REDUCED FAT PEANUT BUTTER! Day in and day out read and hear of people unknowingly duped by “Big Peanut Butter” that they are changing their health picture by eating this marketing ploy. Have these people actually checked the label and compared the Regular Peanut Butter and Reduced Fat Peanut Butter? The following clip from Runner’s World Magazine explains why this in nothing more than a strategy developed by the makers of peanut butter to sell a few more jars to those of us desperate to shed weight.

“Check the label, and you’ll find that both versions pack about 190 calories per 2-tablespoon serving. But, while the reduced-fat variety has less fat (12 grams versus 16 grams in regular), it has considerably more sugar.

Even if you’re looking to slash the fat in your diet for better heart health, you’ll still want to stay away from the reduced-fat varieties. Why? Reduced-fat peanut butters contain hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a primary source of artery-clogging trans fats. In comparison, regular peanut butter is a natural source of cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fats. So when you opt for a reduced-fat peanut butter, you actually end up eating more unhealthy fats.

And thanks to the healthy fats and the disease-fighting phytochemicals in regular peanut butter, it should be a part of every runner’s diet. Bonus: The fat in peanut butter helps you feel full, making a PB and apple snack a great way to stave off late-afternoon hunger.”

Peanut Butter is wonderful and such a good addition to your diet, but it is calorie expensive and should be eaten with moderation. One product that helps me with the temptation to eat too much is Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter. Of course, it’s banned from the shelves right now due to a recall but I’ll be buying it up again once it’s on the market. It’s simply regular peanut butter with air added to it so that you get more mileage out of each spread.

If you want to go further down the path to optimum health, try natural peanut butter. This is peanut butter without any added sugars. It’s simply oil, peanuts, salt and mashed up to give you a little bit of nutty heaven.

My hope with this information is that you really look at your labels and decipher the marketing ploys out there. Companies are looking for every avenue to sneak into your kitchen and set your healthy lifestyle back if they feel they can get their almighty dollar from you.

Workout: Legs!

Superset One: 3 sets
100 meter sprints
walking lunges
diagonal lunges

Superset Two: 3 sets
Sway Lunges
alternating lunges
jump lunges

Superset Three: 3 sets
wide legged squats
step ups

Superset Four: 3 sets
Sled Machine – Wide
Sled Machine – Narrow

Superset Five – 3 sets
Sled Machine Calf Pops
Side to Side Lunges

Daily Food Journal:

B – oatmeal, banana, SF Jelly
SĀ – EAS Shake
L – Turkey Burger Patty, Snow Peas, Watermelon
S – Egg Whites and Soy Crisps
S – Fudgesicle, 8 almonds, coffee
D – SBD Pizza, grapefruit
S – 1 pc toast with 1/2 tbsp of pbutter and a banana

No Cardio today!

  • phoebe says:

    I love reduced fat JIF peanut butter!! Its too bad I just found out how horrible it is for me… šŸ™ now I gotta go with Smuckers Natural peanut butter.. Trust me its NOT the SAME! I’m soo sad!! Maybe it’ll be a taste I can get ‘use’ to living with. Is it really that much healthier for me??

  • Michelle says:

    I just bought a jar of this garbage by accident. Took one mouthful of it, almost gagged because of the incredibly nasty sugary taste, spat it out and threw the whole jar away. It’s very unhealthy and loaded with sugar – it’s no wonder Americans are so fat. They actually believe garbage like this is healthy!!!

  • Stacy says:

    Called JIF.
    Its because in the Reduced fat Peanut Butter…


  • Nick Frankle says:

    I feel as though I should make a comment more beneficial to the actual topic of peanut butter though so I will tell you this. Every time I make myself a peanut butter sandwich or anything with peanut butter in it, I measure out ONE tablespoon before I use the PB then put the jar away. (You’d be surprised how big one tablespoon is). This forces me to use only one tablespoon and saves me half the calories in a full serving. Also, instead of making sandwiches, I always make it “open-faced”. Not only are you cutting the calories by eliminating a slice of bread, but the PB is much more satisfying and you can use less to be satisfied if it’s not swimming between the bread.

  • Nick Frankle says:

    I wasn’t trying to tell people what to do or convince anyone to switch to eating reduced fat. Just trying to educate people that some of the things in this article are misleading. I am and was already aware of the equivalent calorie content, and I never made mention or implied that the reduced fat variety did, in fact, have less calories. And yes, hydrogenated oil is going to have some trans fat. I should have been more clear in saying both have NO trans fat. I’m simply trying to point out that both varieties have their positives, though the article makes it seem as though regular peanut butter is the healthy alternative to reduced fat peanut butter. Let’s not forget that the fat in regular is already in a form ready to be stored by the body, while the sugar replacement in reduced fat must go through a more complex process (and thus can be burned easier before it turns to fat). Eat what you want. I was simply trying to educate people on the reality of the situation.

  • phitnphat says:

    Those are good comments. I’ll give you my best trick with Peanut Butter since we are sharing. I take 1 tbsp and heat it briefly in the microwave and pour it on the bread. It seems to spread better and it feels like you get more. On days I need a quick fuel that’s tastey I also heat the 1 tbsp and pour it on a 1/2 cup of Fiber One. 14g of fiber per serving. You would probably like that and it’s more filling than the bread. šŸ™‚

  • phitnphat says:

    It’s your right to disagree, but more sugar is more sugar. Plain and simple. And, why would you honestly want to cut healthy fat out of your diet?

    I’ll point you to some enlightening other articles from prominent resources that support my research.

    JIF. JIF is a great-tasting peanut butter, made mostly from roasted peanuts with a little bit of sugar thrown in, along with a bit (2% or less) of molasses, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and fully hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oil. Each 2-tablespoon serving contains:

    190 calories
    16 grams of fat, 3 grams of which are saturated
    0 grams trans fat (to make this label claim, the product must have 0.4 grams of trans fat or less per serving)
    3 grams of sugar
    8 grams of protein
    2 grams of fiber
    JIF does make a reduced-fat variety. But don’t be surprised to see that it contains the same number of calories per serving as regular JIF, even though there are 4 grams less fat per serving. This is because there are 8 grams more carbohydrate per serving (thanks at least in part to the extra 1 gram of sugar.

    Just so you aren’t confused…JIF in both varieties has trans fats, just not enough to qualify on the label. That is a whole blog in itself. šŸ™‚ I will say that after re-reading my own post, I will stick with my Organic Nautural Peanut Butter that I have been using since the recall. You have convinced me that I should even dismiss one gram of sugar since I am striving to get it out of my diet. – That’s the actual label just so you know I researched it.

    Here’s another article. Honestly, there are a lot of articles from reputable sources out there that you too can Google and find.

    As far as eating reduced fat PB…if you like it, eat it. Just don’t sit there and think you are doing a world of service for your health or that you are actually getting a healthier product. Consider this and then I have to go to my cardio…

    There are 9 calories per gram of fat. Compare regular and red. fat. You should be getting 36 calories less for the red. fat version but you don’t. You get virtually the same amount of calories and that’s the 1 gram of sugar and other crap they loaded in there to make you believe that removing healthy fat is going to trim your waistline.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you find my articles satisfying.

  • Nick says:

    I have to disagree with this article. I don’t know what kind of peanut butter the author compared but I am sitting here with a JIF reduced fat and a JIF peanut butter. They BOTH have fully hydrogenated vegetable oil in them. Neither has any trans fat. The reduced fat has 12 g. of total fat and the regular has 16 g. The reduced fat has 2.5 g. of saturated fat, which to me, is less than the 3 g saturated fat in regular peanut butter. Additionally, I don’t consider 1 g. of sugar considerably more sugar. The reduced fat variety has 4 g. of sugar while the regular has 3 g. Someone should have done some more research before bashing a healthier product.

  • phitnphat says:

    What is PB2? I haven’t heard of it and can’t find it online. It’s amazing the stuff they sale as good for you.

  • Barb says:

    I noticed on the WW Board talking about the white stuff in the new PB2 product, that it has powdered sugar in it! I decided I didn’t want it then and there.

  • phitnphat says:

    It does have the nasty in it. šŸ™ I switch on and off really. Some weeks I have better control and eat what I buy my son…the natural. Other weeks I’m a PB pig and buy the whipped. PB is one of the last food items that I have to be careful with. Really the whole nut family. I love them and one serving just doesn’t do it for me most of the time. I’m glad they are healthy, but half a jar is overkill. šŸ™‚

  • kerry says:

    Oh, I am so with you on this one! The reduced fat is nasty!!!! I really like Smuckers Natural…it does have a little salt and peanuts. That’s it. Or for portion control you can go to your local health food place and fresh grind your own (and then you don’t have the mixing part of the natural jarred stuff to contend with).

    I haven’t checked the ingredients on the whipped stuff…does it have the evil hydrogenated oil? The texture was just odd to me. Plus you pay the same price for less peanut butter. Something about paying the same for less pb plus air just strikes me as funny. But it does spread further, I do admit.

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