Reset Week Two Results

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but I was out of town at a women’s lifting seminar and life has been hectic! I adored my seminar and I’m typing up my notes for all the private forum members to read and learn! Make sure you visit the book review section, girls, because that’s where the awesome sauce is.

It was amazing being around a group of athletic women. Not SKINNY women but people who put health first! Size, weight, and aesthetics are not prioritized. It was all about why we lift weights, how to FUEL your body and not starve it, and taking care of yourself with a less is more mentality when training. This conference came exactly in the middle of the Reset and was PERFECT timing.

The Ultimate Reset has been more than just a clean eating 21-day program. I’ve had some emotional aha’s, seen behaviors I want to change, but most of all, dialed into how I want to live and feel. Most of my 13 girls who did it with me this round all found out more about who they are rather than just dumping some bloat and cleansing like other programs.

I will admit, I have not followed it exactly as written. At first I felt almost guilty or like I was letting people down because I wasn’t “perfect on it.” I’m the trainer after all! But then I realized part of the beauty of the program is like any lifestyle it’s better to make it work FOR YOU rather than being black and white and working against it. It’s all in perspective I suppose.

I also thought about what I wanted from this process when I first thought about it a few months ago. These were my primary reasons…

1) I abused artificial sweetener. From Xtend to Truvia to sugar free this and that,  I was taking in a lot of this stuff and I wanted off of it.

2) I drank a diet soda a day. Not bad but not good. And, it was another avenue for Splenda to get in my diet.

3) Rest my body. It was beat down and feeling bad.

4) Focus on the “softer” side of fitness: massage, foam rolling, yoga, walking, etc.

5) Get off caffeine.

Those were my reasons (read most important thing is I spent 21-days focused on MY REASONS and not someone elses). I am proud to say I did it! The faux sugar and ALL sugar is gone. I found out I don’t like grains or beans but I miss my meat. I will not be a Vegan. Dairy just ain’t important to me if it can’t have sugar in it. I’m only keeping in a little blue cheese on salads but all other dairy we are cutting out of our house. No more diet sodas for me AND CHRIS who just laid back, watched, and learned. Who knew, but I like Perrier. I took naps, got massages, did some yoga, walked more, stretched, foam rolled, and READ about more techniques to keep this in my programming. Logan found all kinds of new foods he likes, too!

I also learned I spend too much time trying to do what I think everyone expects of me versus leading my fitness and healthy lifestyle the way I want. It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone is doing and in order to support them just “diet and do events” because I want to be there for everyone.

It became clear that I can eat very clean and be very, VERY happy with my food. I seriously cried in therapy the other day because somewhere in this process it dawned on me I don’t need to “diet” because by nature I eat and treat myself healthy. Man, I have spent my life doing that and for some reason it’s a hard “aha” moment to realize this really is WHO I AM NOW.

I also realized I enjoy eating for performance. Some people find an athletes’ food choices are like a “diet”. I find it respecting the fact I want to perform, feel good, and recover well. A lot of what I fuel with I do love but sometimes I need to just have things that matter more to my cellular level versus my taste buds or emotional state.

I learned I don’t like eating breakfast first thing every morning. It suits my life and my tummy to just wait until about ten. I don’t starve, enjoy it more because I’ll actually eat without working through it, and it makes me drink more water because I’m thirsty and I honestly don’t want coffee anymore!

Red apples irritate my stomach but green ones don’t. That was strange. Oh, and I love pears.

But I think what was the most important thing with food I learned was I OFTEN eat when I’m bored. Rather than doing something else for ten minutes I would grab an apple. I eat when I’m TIRED. Rather than getting some fresh air or just closing my eyes for ten minutes I would have some nuts. When I stop and think through my food a bit I finally listened to what my body was saying and starting giving it that.

This last week I have added a couple of things to make the Reset work for me, but I sort of felt like I got all I wanted and more. The few things I found that my body didn’t like I cut. I added in nuts, more vegetables, and a Shakeology a day.

My goal for post-Reset is to just keep eating healthy and mindfully without sacrificing some fun with Chris. I can do that. I lost a little bloat which is nice but I’ll total out of the whole 21 days this Saturday. I don’t need to keep all the “weight” off but I do want to keep my body looking more like it does now. Since I’ll go back to lifting heavy I will get off the scale on the final weigh in. Going with the body shot in the mirror assessment each day through the summer!

The first picture is start, week one, and week two. I see a difference in my legs and maybe a little in my abs. Definitely need another spray tan! The second picture is just me amazed at how my legs have changed since surgery and adding in more speed work this spring along with heavier leg work! I love my legs from the side. The front is not my favorite but I embrace them because they work hard for me and they PR’d twice this winter! Third is just front shot.

week two side
legs and abs
front week two

If you are interested in the Ultimate Reset, just message me for details. I have several girls now starting May 29, 2013 and it’s still on sale for $199.00 as of today!

  • Shani says:

    Your pictures are amazing! I can’t believe you’ve had surgery of any kind. I’ve seen others who have had surgery after losing lots of weight and they never look as great as you.

    Your pictures are inspiring. I have A LOT to lose. I haven’t excerised regularly in 12 years, since my daughter was born, and weigh more now than when I delivered. I had major struggles with post partum depression and then a divorce.

    I’m trying to get back into all the things I know I should do. I’m certainly not happy with myself, but changing behaviors is overwhelming, especially while trying to find a full time job and patent alone. Not excuses, just reasons I feel overwhelmed.

    Your pics have inspired me to try to become a morning exerciser. Seems to be my only real option for not blowing it off. I’m hoping the muscle memory from the years I danced and did exercise will eventually remember that at one time I treated them well.

    Thank you for all your honesty. It truly is inspiring.

    My best to you –


    • It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s how I felt when Logan was diagnosed with autism. I was starting training for my very first figure competition the same DAY. I remember thinking I can’t do this but my husband told me that I just had to figure out how to make it happen. So I got up SUPER early every day to bang out all the cardio or weights. I knew Logan needed me when he was awake so I made it happen when it wouldn’t interfere with his needs. It was HARD but I did it. We also had to make all our food from scratch that year. He went on a special diet and it was CRAZY. probably the hardest year of my life.

      Your muscle snaps back. You are fortunate to have it. I never exercised until I lost my weight. It was like teaching a baby to walk. LOL

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