Scale Fears Are REAL

Does the scale SCARE you?

If the answer is yes I have good news; you AREN’T alone. Many women feel this way and in this Periscope (@phitnphat) I discuss weighing in after vacation.

But it goes beyond vacation, right? Most of us attach so much energy into a number.

It’s a symbol of our body not listening to us or an indicator that we are somehow broken.

Or, we make it mean we are out of control! Amazing how seeing a number can trigger a lot of thoughts and emotions.

What You NEED to Know NOW

The number you weigh is the number you weigh. YOU get to choose what that means. YOU can let it ruin your day, cause you pain, and send you spiraling into behaviors that harm your body in the long run.


That’s your CHOICE. That’s not the scales fault. That’s you choosing thoughts that feel like crap in your body.

The good news.

YOU can make it mean you are motivated to do something healthy today, to accept you have some work to do, and send you into behaviors that enhance your body in the long run.

Two women with the exact weight and the exact need to drop a few pounds can have totally different responses to the same NUMBER.

Your weight is simply a fact. That’s all. All the other DRAMA, STORY, and thoughts you attach to the number you weigh are your CHOICE.

We will talk more about how to change thoughts that, well, suck. For now, what are you making your weight mean in your life?


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