Spartan Race…Here I Come!

Guess who just signed up to do the Spartan Sprint? Me! Lucky guess. LOL


It’s such an honor for me to do these things. All the years I was 100 lbs overweight I would dream of these things. I’d watch my brother play sports or see my friends do these crazy things called a 5K and wish I was out there.

How times have changed! When I see a race that I want to do I just sign up KNOWING I will train, I will do my best, and feel good regardless of my time.

You see, it’s all about being there for me. Sure I would love to be a “winner” or even competitive. I’m not saying a girl doesn’t dream; but the joy in this comes from so much more than competition.

  • I love I signed up with my brother.
  • I love that I signed up for knowing I just had to learn a few skills like throwing a spear.
  • I love that the only thing I “anguished” was the price and not my ability.
  • I love that at 41 I’m doing things I always wanted to do.

Do you know a huge secret? I wish I had ALWAYS had the thought I could do these things.

  • I didn’t need to lose weight to have confidence.
  • I didn’t need to lose weight to be able to exercise.
  • I didn’t need to lose weight to learn how to throw that spear!
  • I didn’t need to lose weight to try new things.
  • For years and years I thought I couldn’t feel sexy, confident, deserving, respected, and many more things all because I was overweight. It wasn’t until I realized that my weight was a result of NOT loving myself.

I would never have lost the weight if that thought had not changed. The day I went from thinking I needed to lose weight to be happy to thinking I need to be happy so I can lose weight it all changed.


Let me talk business for a minute. This race is the first of three I’m doing this fall: Spartan, Vegas Half Marathon and then the Memphis Half Marathon. I’ll do two speed workouts and one long run each week.

For strength I will do one full body circuit a week and then an upper strength day and a lower strength day. Each upper and lower day will include core work.

Last, I will end all runs with a leg strengthening series, foam rolling, and stretch. And, I will do one recovery yoga day either on my day off or at night. I’d like to do some mini-yoga in there, too, but totally restorative things.

One thing that is different with this training is that I’m blocking my months off one at a time SCHEDULING the recovery work. I plan to work in recovery just like I do the activity. As I age I know I better hop to it so I can keep this fancy pants activity going.

Final Thoughts

These thoughts you have about your body when you are overweight can keep you in an ugly space. If that sounds like you, join our webinar! It’s free and we will teach you how to do like me! Learn to love the body you are in now so that you can find the body you dreamed of!

I’d love to have you and if you have questions feel free to ask here. I answer my comments!


  • Lauren P says:

    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! So, when you decide you also want to get the Trifecta, can I get in on a race with you Queenie?

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