Starting 30 Days of Blogging!

I made a promise to myself that for the next 30 days I was working on me and blogging DAILY. Even if it’s just a “this is what I ate” that’s what it is.

WHY? Because I have a big month and just want to share my random thoughts with the world. It might not be epic and moving motivational things each day but sometimes I just want to kick my blog “old school” and talk all about me. It also helps me keep focused on MY GOALS and this month I have a marathon, I’m eating a little cleaner, and having oral surgery. Yuck.

Today, there’s not a lot on my mind other than amazement at how my life has changed over the years. I used to so negative. Now I feel like a positive person. There are moments but I have tried to erase negative talk with my mouth, with my friends, and with my husband. I could still use work on talking better about myself around Chris. I lean on him too much to lift me up when I doubt myself.

Boy do I eat healthy. I mean, I can throw down some healthy chow, love it, and not feel deprived. It took a LONG time before the old haunts didn’t nag at me. There are a few things that get in my head but I know 90% of my choices are GREAT. My doo-doo choices now would be things I used to say, “I won’t eat that.” And, if I want some straight up treat I just have it and that’s it. No regret, punishing myself with exercise, OR NO DONKING OFF FOR DAYS because I “failed.” That bull-shit thinking is really gone.

The biggest change isn’t one from when I was overweight; it is from when I competed and was really lean. Until recently, I have embraced looking healthy but not being “lean”. This size just felt fat for a long time. I started to look at pictures, my improving strength, my races, and such and realized there is so much joy in my life where I am NOW. Being lean was work. It felt amazing in the mirror but it was WORK. I struggled with deciding what to eat every day, refused days off even when I was exhausted, and often worked out in ways I didn’t love like I do now. Oh, and I was slightly hungry all the time. I felt like I was never satisfied.

The change I am most proud of is the one where I found a middle ground from being overweight, to a big loser, and now
someone who just leads a fit life. 

OK…onto what I did today.

Workout: Upper Body Blaster from my private sites new training program this month. I shot video of it for the girls and working on it tomorrow. It was a fun workout and left my arms shaking. No cardio today. Didn’t need it with that 48 min. workout.


B – Toasted cauliflower rice, 2 chicken thighs, sauteed mushrooms, and parm cheese, apple
S – 2 pcs of GF cinnamon toast with 1/2 tbsp of butter
PW Shake – Almond milk, cinnamon, 1/2 banana, pink salt, vanilla extract, ice, 1/2 scoop of Beachbody Whey Vanilla, pumpkin seeds
 – Spag Squash with Smoke Salmon and a sweet potato
D – Roasted Green Beans, Toasted Cauliflower mixed in a bowl topped with feta cheese, carrot stix and hot mustard, smoked salmon
S – Chocolate Shakeology and pumpkin seeds



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