Starting My Yoga Journey

Tonight I start my yoga journey. Yep, I’m getting certified to teach yoga. Who would have thought a few years ago when I scoffed at yoga as not a “real” workout. Let me tell you, lately I have been doing so much that my body is telling me I was one crazy bitch who hadn’t tried it enough.

I came to this for a few reasons…running needed improving and I heard yoga is good for that and I realized after all the years of heavy lifting I was so tight. As I started doing some yoga I quickly realized I needed it more than I thought. I can lift heavy but not do a headstand!

The last year I’ve taken lots of classes and even got certified to teach a style called Buti Yoga. It’s my passion. You can Google Buti but basically it blends my love of hip-hop dancing and yoga with a plyo workout. My favorite part is coming up with new playlists and letting my creative juices flow. You don’t “plan” a Buti class; you let the class and the music inspire you.

So I signed up earlier this year to get certified at Epic Yoga in Nashville which is a Baptiste inspired studio. I love this format. It’s power yoga so I always feel WORKED when I do it. And I feel stretched. And I feel peaceful. And I feel ALIVE.

The training starts tonight and I’m nervous but excited. We’ve been required to read his books as we will use through the next 9 months:

Journey Into Power

40 Days to Personal Revolution – LOVE THIS ONE

Being Of Power

All three of these have inspired me lately. I’ve been challenging my thinking, trying new things, and finding myself wanting more out of life than just making it through another workout, day, meal, etc.

Ever feel like you just are uninspired and running in circles every week? That’s how I have felt for a bit. I go from working on PNP to driving Logan all over town for his tutors and more to a workout to teaching a class and back to work on my business until I can make myself go to bed. And, about the only time I felt relaxed was when I ate or drank wine! Losing 100lbs is hard and I remember almost every day of it. I got no intention of doing that all over again so I quickly saw something had to change.

You hear me say this all the time. Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t be afraid of change. You don’t like your life – well, get your ass up and start doing something about it. Do you need a radical overhaul? Maybe. Is it likely to happen tomorrow? HELL NO. It’s like your diet if you were fat like me. I needed a BIG ASS change but couldn’t do that. I didn’t have the knowledge, strength, environment or will power…YET. What I did have was desire and the ability to just do something, anything that started me down a different path.

Yoga is my change this time. I could see myself just getting depressed. And when I am sad I don’t make good choices. And when I don’t make good choices my workouts become a task instead of my passion. Too many days I was dragging myself to the training without motivation and only doing it for fear of getting fat. I’d lost my kickass and take names attitude for a bit.

Here’s my public decree because one of my mentors, Chalene Johnson, says this: if you have a goal make it public. I thought about her saying that a few days ago in her Smart Success series and it reminded me of all the things that made me happy a few years ago.

1) I blogged about my life and my training with a few lessons for everyone thrown in. I’m still pretty raw but I often blog a message in hopes of saving you girls instead of using my blog to be my raw journey that changes ME first. They say save yourself before you can save others!

2) I filled my head CONSTANTLY with self-development. I MADE the time to listen to audio books. Right now I have several good podcasts to fill my head with the right messages. And, I am back in church too.

3) I got up early. I worked out early. This is going to be tough but all week I got up and moved. Most mornings it was just walking, yoga, or simply sitting in the floor of my workout room working. Man, I am OUT OF THE EARLY BIRD HABIT. Momma don’t move that fast first thing in the morning anymore. It’s OK. I’ll get used to being functional again at 4:30am. I’m OK with baby steps and one of my good friends on PNP text each other as we haul butt to sweat.

4) I weighed in regularly. For a long time I’ve not been weighing in because I feel like you go through seasons. It can either give you feedback and accountability to make healthy choices or it can be an evil device that you put a lot of emotion into. Right now I’ve been away from it long enough that I want to use it as a tool for accountability and feedback. (I’m not saying the scale is the authority but I do know it gives me structure and at this point in life structure is needed.)

5) I was doing all kinds of new workouts. I’ve been doing the same things for a long time so here comes my yoga! Woot! And I am really into tracking my Fitbit steps. Like competitive!

For the next 40 days (I started 4 days ago), I have two goals each day: do yoga (any length and style I choose) and get in at least 10,000 steps through walking or running. I’ll probably run every other day but only if I feel like. I got one more half marathon in two weeks that my training is done for so I’m well on my way to listening to the workout I want to do that day.

Yep, no weights. No crazy circuits (unless I have to film for my private member clients some lifting or circuit routines). Just going to focus on my whole body. I know this will help me come back to my beautiful weights stronger, more flexible and ready to lift better than ever.

I plan to take before pictures and officially weigh in on Wednesday. My private clients are doing a Wednesday Weigh In group on our private site with lessons, videos from me, and accountability. I’m going to join them!

If I drop a few pounds I won’t be sad, my goal isn’t to lose weight. My goal is a feeling. At the end of 40 days I want to feel lighter. Lighter in stress, my joints feel lighter, my stress level is lighter, and I can honestly take a deep breath and it not feel constricted. Oh, and I want a smile to be on my face when I wake up in the morning. I really want my smile back.



  • Stacy says:

    JUST the message I needed to hear this morning!!

  • Emily Young says:

    So proud of you 🙂

  • Tara says:

    Good luck!! And I agree, I always thought yoga was to slow for me to get a good workout. I did PiYO and I am in LOVE! I want to do crow poses every where I go, I want to learn to do head/hand stands, I want to do moves that Kathy does, haa! So inspiring!
    Cannot wait to hear about your journey!!

  • Kim Wood says:

    I totally understand – I hated yoga a year ago but my daughter really wanted me to do it more & cut back on weights I am still tight but I am so loving yoga & Buti yoga is way out of my comfort zone but I am loving it!

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