How Do I Stay Motivated In Keeping Off 100lbs

I get asked this ALL.THE.TIME. People just know I must have some awesome secrets as to how I maintain my weightloss, keep exercising, and eating healthy. Surely the difference between me and you is that I’m super motivated.

Ten years ago I weighed 250lbs and had a beautiful baby boy. I was motivated to be healthy and lose weight. When I was 13 and weighed 210lbs I was motivated to be thin like all the other girls. When I was 25 and weighed 230lbs I was motivated to get skinny so I could find someone to love and marry me.

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You see, I was motivated ALL MY LIFE! Motivation was NEVER ever an issue with me. I’m still motivated to be my best these days. For example, I’m motivated to be certified in yoga by next summer. That’s awesome right? It’s like saying I am so motivated to lose 50lbs or run a 5K. Well, if I want to be a yoga instructor I have to sign up, plan a calendar for the next 9 months that allows for weekend classes, arrange a sitter for midweek date nights on weeks I have training, plan time for studying, change my training plans to allow for practice, etc. That’s WORK.

Being motivated is about the smallest part of making a business, diet, educational choice, or anything happen. See, people put a lot of focus and energy in “how to stay motivated.” I’m going to tell you…I OFTEN am so unmotivated to eat right. When I go out to eat with my boys I am not the happiest camper order my chicken and spaghetti squash. Do I HAVE TO order that? No. But if I want to booze up on date night and eat Mexican then I need to buck up on other nights and eat stuff that keeps 100lbs off.

Motivation has nothing to do with that moment. You know what does? Habits. Lifestyle. Group Accountability. Support from Family. Planning. Meal Prepping. Training Schedule. When my motivation is low and I want to do and eat what I want that’s when the support system kicks in. I’m hating every minute of it but when I have a race I can’t blow off workouts. When I want to hit the drive-thru because I’m tired, pissed, and hate traffic I don’t because food prep will go to waste. And when I want to take days off I don’t need having exercise dates with my girls keeps me showing up.

Don’t waste your time asking me what keeps me motivated! Why don’t you ask me, “How do you live? What do you DO each week to make it successful?” You want to be motivated, or what I call, able to say no when you want to scream in ecstasy YES to cheesecake and wine? Figure out how to make a healthy lifestyle like other people who are¬†looking, feeling, and living the way you want. Hell, if you can’t figure out then copy someone until you can make it your own.

Motivation doesn’t get you results. It plants the seeds. It’s a feeling. You need habits and that’s what I teach people because that’s what I had to do. It took me a long time but I kept plugging away until I put in enough habits that keeps me on track, living a life, and happy.

  • Mary says:

    Amen sister!!!! And thanks to you and PnP I am now 2yrs at my goal weight range and new (well not new anymore)clothes size. I can’t wait to celebrate my 10 year mark – hopefully with you!

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