Week One of Project #VegasSummer2016 Done

I’m one week into my quest to lose at least 8 lbs. pounds before the summer pool season begins. Week one went well! I decided to blog about it so I can share not only stuff I want to teach my readers but share my personal journey and crap I go through. 🙂

I have done my mental work on why I want to lose this weight. It’s for me. There’s a lot of good reasons that make me feel good about.

What I am not doing is…

  • Losing weight hoping others will like me more.
  • Losing weight because I hate myself.
  • Losing weight because I feel lazy and “should.”

What I am doing is…

  • Losing weight because I enjoy seeing my muscles.
  • Losing weight because I want my clothes and bikini to fit better this summer.
  • Losing weight because the stuff I do to lose it makes me feel good.

I knew before I could even THINK about dropping some weight I had to get my ass straight on why I wanted to do it. It had to be for good reasons because…

There are going to be tough times.

There will be nights I normally go to bed distracted with a snack that I need to drop.

There will be nights we usually have beer and wine-down time that aren’t in the plan.

And, sometimes having fruit for a snack won’t be as much fun as a Quest Bar.

Oh and let’s not forget we will eat out less. That might be good for the wallet, BUT  we will have to push through the hard, tired, and busy nights to eat at home when sitting at a restaurant having beer, wine, and someone else cooking and cleaning would be AWESOME!

The number I weigh is more of a target to aim for but there’s no bullseye – I gotta be this number to be happy.

Those days are GONE. I swear.

I like to think of myself as a feelings cultivator. Every day I look for opportunities to feel good and to feel RAW. To think in new ways. To come up with strategies to create all the feelings I want when I peel off a few pounds.

That’s what it takes FIRST.

If I don’t cultivate confidence now, I won’t be then. Just because you lose weight doesn’t mean you are confident. If you worry now what people think. Guess what? You’ll worry at 15 lbs. less what people think.

Did I lose enough weight?

Do they think I can keep it off?

Are they proud of me?

Are they happy for me?

See, feelings are self-generated. Nobody gives them or takes them away. You and I have to get good at creating the ones we want if we want the good feelings at 5, 10, 50, or 100 lbs. from now.

Without the good feelings you will likely not keep off the weight you work hard to lose. People are not going to reinforce you forever. They might notice at first then it’s old news. If you need that reinforcement you aren’t ready to lose weight. Do the work on you so you can lose the weight.

Back to my losing weight.

Trust me. I like how I live but I also like my body when it has muscles that pop without a pose! As they say in yoga, you gotta suck before you shine! I’m totally fine with knowing it won’t be easy and that as I face the times when it’s hard I am equipped to THINK.

When I’m picturing what needs to be done TODAY I am envisioning how Corinne at the pool this summer in Vegas will feel and what she wants.

I want her to enjoy the hard work she has done this winter and spring. I want her to have all the drinks she won’t have this spring. I want her to eat what she wants because she has practiced how to not overeat, not eat for emotion, and not eat because it’s there.

How she will feel, think, and act is dependent on me today. When I think of her it makes cleaning things up and doing things when it’s hard EASIER. Feels like love for me. Feels motivating. Feels like she and I are a TEAM.

This last week I did the following:

  • Went to hot yoga twice, lifted weights three times, and did some cardio DVD’s twice. I took off one full day and the only workout longer than 45 min. was yoga. It was a yummy 75 min. hot practice with friends!
  • We cut all drinking to date night only.
  • I journaled my food.
  • I drank my water.
  • I slept 7-9 hours most nights. One night I didn’t but I was having bad dreams.
  • I didn’t buy any protein bars. I tend to eat them when I don’t need them. If I need one I am usually out somewhere and can make a pit stop!

This week I’m a little sick but doesn’t mean I can’t be on the A-game.

  • Going to yoga class 3 times this week. Will workout only if I feel better. I know I can minimally hit hot yoga and do what I need to do to get better.
  • Getting my water down daily.
  • Drinking one night again.
  • Did a huge food prep with lots of veggies.
  • Journaling my food – every bite.
  • Doing my thought downloads each day so I know what to work on.

I already feel tighter this week in my body. I didn’t lose a darn thing but that’s OK.

I don’t feel better physically but thank you head cold. 🙂 It happens. Just means my body is adjusting. All I can do is better and do like I did when I lost 100 lbs. I can ask myself the golden question each day: What can you do today better than yesterday?


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