Summer Thoughts

I’m feeling sassy and sexy today. With my PNP ladies I’ve been doing some work on what I think about in the mornings and how it effects me all day. We got the idea from this podcast (I swear I have not drank her Kool-Aid) but in it she talks about how you think in the morning sets the tone.

It’s amazing that after TEN YEARS maintaining my weight loss I can still be filled with some shitastic thoughts about myself. I’m going to ramble and be honest here.

  • I go from loving my body to wanting it to be smaller.
  • I have plenty of fat days and I have plenty of meow days.
  • There are days I feel like a beast in the gym and others where I feel like a turtle and proving something.

Those are just a few things. I don’t think my thoughts make me crazy, though. They probably make me normal. It’s natural to have negative things pop up. I roll with them and maybe that’s what doesn’t give me the freak out because I’ve learned to just let the thoughts happen and notice them. I used to not only have negative thoughts but then beat myself up for having negative thoughts. And I would let all those crappy thoughts RULE my choices. Not anymore.

Ye ole bikini season is approaching and the King and I spend a lot of time at the pools. We’ve both been commenting on getting back in Vegas Summer shape because we are definitely in winter wine and beer shape. I usually put on about 5 lbs every winter and then lose the same for summer. He does the same but it’s a little more for the King. You know dudes, they can put on the same 15 lbs and lose it overnight. He ain’t no exception.

I’m on a mission to hit my sexy shape for summer. Not because of negative thoughts but from a place of excitement to feel great! With spring temps FINALLY here I am motivated to make healthy and easy changes. Here’s what I will be doing and how I measure my progress.

Each morning I’ve started my day with a few affirmations like

  • I am fit.
  • I am athletic.
  • I am healthy.
  • I eat healthy.
  • I am a good mom.
  • I am a good wife.
  • I am a business woman.

This sets the tone for my thoughts. Nothing changes if you wake up each day WORRIED about your body. When I was losing 100 lbs I sort of did this. I didn’t wake up each thinking about what I needed to lose. I woke up each excited to work hard and see what was next.

Next, tracking my food again and set my calories to 250 less than what I need to maintain. Easy enough. I also took my food logs private. Honestly, I need something in my dang life that’s just not public record. I want to eat what I want and not worry if a client will think their food isn’t good enough or whatever. Everyone is different!

I hired a weight lifting trainer. We lift heavy twice a week for 30 min. As a trainer I feel like the best way to learn new things and grow is to network with other good trainers. I’ve really enjoyed my sessions at Catalyst Fitness. It’s all old school weights like I like! I feel like I’m at my roots there. Plus, I need a good spot and someone to just motivate me to get out those extra reps.

I will still run 3 days a week since I have a couple of races left. One long run and the others are shorter runs. Daily I just aim to get in 10-12K steps with my Fitbit. That can be through walking, elliptical, riding my bike or running. Most days I walk and work on my treadmill workstation.

The main things I had to add in is yoga practice and 7-9 hours of sleep a night. I’ve been practicing my sleep so I’m now in a good sleep routine. I have been adding in more yoga home practice since I’m in teacher training and will commit to getting to my studio once or twice a week for regular practice.

I’m not setting a single weight loss goal, though. I have one dress I just bought that is AMAZING, a pair of jeans that need a few pounds off to feel like I’m not needing butter to get in them, and a couple of bikinis I want to sport. My goal is to feel awesome in each of them. I don’t care what I weigh even though I will track it for DATA.

I also won’t strive to look perfect in my own eyes. Like my thighs will never be what I envision good looking legs to look like but they damn sure can be strong, thick, run hard, and have scars that show how hard I have worked the last ten years. I guess the best way to describe it is that when I look at myself in the BIG PICTURE I want a feeling of hell yes. No nitpicking.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today of just catching you up on me and where my head is at. It’s exciting to feel spring temps and just work towards a fun filled summer. Let me know if you want pictures or details about what I am up to. I’ve always been an open and honest book. Why stop now?


  • Stacy Settle says:

    LOVE IT!! It’s good to know that even YOU have days where you don’t feel 100%. And good for you for making your food journal private!!

  • Maggie Reimer says:

    Love all of that!!!

  • Emily says:

    You forgot “I am a good friend” on your list 🙂

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