#SummerPhit Is Here!

Exciting day for PNP! Our #PNPCoaching clients start their three month journey with us AND the #SummerPhit free challenge for our exclusive members of the subscription site kickoff 8-weeks of fun.

I love the excitement the girls bring when they are finding new challenges, friends, support, and ways to live healthy. We’ve got daily exercise challenges, self-care and sleep goals, and crazy support. The members love the challenges and I’m so happy to offer them as part of their subscription.

I kicked off PNPCoaching this morning with the video at the top of the blog. Man, I wish this dude lived in my house and woke me up each morning. But you know what? He CAN do that.

I could start the day with motivation. Having the right thoughts and the right questions each day can change your life. It’s amazing how many people start each morning looking in the mirror and decide to find fault. If you can’t look at yourself with compassion and love – quit looking.

Take that time to lay in your bed and fill your head with thoughts that ask the right questions. How can I feel good today? What can I do today to enjoy my life? Whose life can I impact today with my smile?

At PNP I work so hard on helping the girls change their mind. You will never change your body if your mind is stuck in the negative. How will you turn down a doughnut at 9am if you woke up and said, “I’m so fat.”

For years I was that girl. I woke up DAILY saying, “I’m so fat. I better do something today.” The first temptation that came my way I confirmed that thought. This fat girl ate doughnuts. When I bullied myself out of bed I soothed myself with food that fulfilled my thoughts.

So, today, I want YOU and all my PNP girls to start your week off with some kickass motivation. At the top you will get charged up and the following video will show you the power of Positive Thinking. I actually met Brian Tracy at a conference once. I love his messages so take the time time today to invest in you.

And for PNP…y’all inspire me every day! Let’s have a great #PhitSummer!


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