Taking A DOR – Day of Rest

“People ask why I train so much and eat like I do all the time…Well the answer is simple: I will not allow somebody with half the determination and twice the genetics be better than me.”

A friend of mine sent this to me and I had to share it on an unplanned day of rest. This week I've am tired since the race and then today I started having a headache, then a little achy all over, then a touch of sore throat, then cashing it in for the day.

I also noticed I'm starving today. I mean like I eat something and 20 minutes later I want something else. Luckily I don't keep craveable foods in the house. I learned a long time that part of me keeping 110lbs off is me keeping foods OUT of my house I will go nuts on when the hunger monster hits.

See, my boys eat healthy but they have their junk. It's not that we are a chapter out of clean eating. Far from it! What I don't do is buy them things I know I'm going to abuse. And that's what I would do; abuse their junk food - not enjoy their treats.

Junk food turns into treat food when you savor it, take time with it, can portion it, etc. It is junk when you eat like a man in prison hoping someone doesn't shiv him, "Yo, I'm going to shiv you bitch for those Oreos." Better eat fast and hide!

So, back to the quote. I love this principle. I am extremely driven in life to succeed. I don't have to be number one; I have to be MY BEST and there is no room for less than that.

I don't have the luxury of being a past athlete, good genetics, a lifetime of eduction on how to live healthy, a college degree, fancy titles, first place ribbons, or any of that stuff a lot of people do.

What I have is an incredible work ethic and experience. I might not have great genes but I can tell you both of my parents would never be considered lazy on the job. My mom always worked hard to support two kids ALONE and even though my dad wasn't around much, I do remember he was always a hard worker, didn't call out, and to this day shows up to work when he really should rest. I hope he reads this!  

I also care. Many trainers won't spend the emotional energy I'm willing to spend. It's all because I have half the genetics that I care. I may not be a sport specialist but I can talk you off the cookie ledge. I KNOW how most of feel, think, struggle, and have to work harder than our best friend to look half as good…for now.

But, all this comes with a cost. When I hit a DOR I hit it hard. Today was it. It was if my body was screaming feed me and take a big ole nap. That's HARD to do when your biggest fear is taking just one tiny step toward your old self. In my head I get that I am new person; in my heart I get scared when I'm not moving. So I push but I also put on the brakes when all the red flags are waving.

Let's just say we have started working on this in therapy. We're talking about the perfect body, is it healthy, at what cost, what will life look like when I get there and is my fear of going back REAL. And you know, I couldn't answer. I simply started crying and said I work so damn hard; I have earned the right to be happy with ME.

I don't just work on me on the outside. I work hard with Logan, with my emotional baggage, and PNP especially. Not complaining but it does make be lose my breath occassionly when I look up, it's 8:30 pm and I've worked out, worked on business, worked with Logan, and feel like the past 14 hours of working I got nowhere.

This is why I'm busy setting goals and trying to keep them in front of me. I have ONE left for September to achieve and I'm not working my business until it's DONE tomorrow. Then I'll make my October plans. I'm going to set my October top three goals personally and with business based on my top ten for the year. Then break those down to acheive weekly. Then each week plan my week to meet those. HOPEFULLY you girls will see me briefly posting tomorrow so I can make sure the PNP ship is pointed in the right direction and that Corinne is sane. 🙂

I'm a work in progress but I can promise that in mind, diet, exercise, business, and emotion there are few people who work as hard as I do. I won't be beat by FGT. She's my competition!

This weekend I have a 9mile race. Looking forward to that with Chris. I'm also starting Chalene Extreme next week with a bunch of girls in the PNP forums. We're having a 3-month Beachbody Challenge. I'm looking foward to having one less thing to plan this fall as I race my way across the country! You'll be able to watch me as I plan to chronicle here and motivate in the forum!

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    Yep…I’m guilty of saving a DOR for Sunday when I hit the grocery at 6am so I can cook until noon then clean my house until it’s time to start dinner!  

  • Kathleen says:

    I had a terrible day on Wednesday too. I ate WAY more than I should have. I think I have to learn the DOR is important and to hit it hard too. So many times DOR involves other things that most people would consider exericse. I’ve got to learn how to work hard, play hard and rest hard.

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