Teachers Don’t Want Your Cookies, Pies and Cakes

For years I have talked to y’all about the Gift of Fat. For those new to the blog it’s simply all that junk people “give” you that you probably mindlessly eat all through the holidays.

Here’s a couple of my past blogs on it.

The Gift of Fat: What we really think when you bring in those cookies!

The Gift of Fat Revisited

Let’s take a moment to think about this.

That innocent tub of popcorn with a jolly snowman? You grab a handful every couple of hours adding 400-500 calories to your bottom each day.

The “special” cocoa blend in the break room from the vendor? You have a 250 calories cup each day for an afternoon break.

The awesome puppy chow you get as a gift from junior who made it himself? There’s 200 calories chalked up trying it out. Oh, and a stomach bug you have no idea where THAT came from.

I have a ton of clients who are teachers and the get absolutely bombarded with food this time of year. The teachers’ lounge is jack-loaded with junk food, parents are bringing cookies and pies in like it’s a religion, parties galore, and then they have their own families to celebrate with.

It’s a lot of temptation! I know it’s not just my teachers, but I focus on them because they give so much to our kids. Most teachers are paying out of their own pockets for supplies to make sure our kids are having an amazing educational experience. 

So, rather than giving them food that they will end up hiring me to work off, why not gift them things that TRULY allows them to care for themselves and benefit them?

I researched Pinterest and found some great ideas.

School Supplies!


Teachers love highlighters, fun pens, SHARPIES, glue sticks, reams of paper (they print a lot at home), post-it notes, fun paper clips, stickers, blank note cards with their initial, and fun markers.

They just can’t have enough of this stuff year after year and it doesn’t go bad!

Germ Buster Supplies!

Who needs sanitation more than someone dealing with 50 little hands stuck who knows where through the day? A teacher!

Give them a basket filled with Kleenex, seasonal sanitizer and hand soaps, lip balm, pocket lotion, and bleach wipes.

Gift Cards!

Teachers can always use groceries, gas, and Target. I say Target because I know I can’t live without it!

For the Super Crafty Lady…

http://www.the36thavenue.com/back-to-school-emergency-kit/ – This site will teach you how to make this box. Just saying…I would buy a basket and put a note on it saying Teacher Emergency Kit. The Queen isn’t that crafty. It’s a neat idea though! This has a little bit of everything in it so it gives you ideas. Leave out the candy though. Maybe some 100 pack of almonds for a quick pick me up. 🙂

I have to tell you the reason I am so passionate about this each year is because I feel for teachers. For years I was 250lbs working in an office of a major restaurant company and I would gain weight every.stinking.holiday.season.

Why? We had so much food coming in and I would mindlessly eat! I wasn’t trying to cover up a bunch of emotions and such. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t weigh 250lbs because I wasn’t emotionally eating, but I DID NOT need any help finding mindless calories.

I want people to enjoy food during the holidays and finish the year feeling great. I don’t want them exhausted with food, tired of making healthy decisions because all they see is junk, partied out, gaining weight, and kicking of 2016 feeling like they have go on a big ass diet.


  • Tannas says:

    These are all really good thoughts!! I am working in a school this year and I am secretly dreading all of the sweets (my fav) that will be available in a couple if weeks…it also gave me a good idea of what to for my boys teachers. I live in Japan so I won’t be able to join in the webinar, but I would love to see your Holiday Planning Guide…:)

    • As long as you sign up you will get the planning guide. 🙂 It will go out in email to anyone who signed up after it’s done. Plus maybe a link to watch whenever!

      Don’t dread the sweets. I’ll give you a secret. Each day wake up and ask yourself how can I honor my health and fitness today? Your brain will go to work on that question and as the treats pop up you’ll think about it. There might be a super special one you will want to eat just enough of and the rest won’t seem like honoring your goals.

      Our brains are powerful and they help us lose weight or stabilize if we allow them to!

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