The Gift of Fat Revisited

One of the big struggles my clients have this time of year is what I call the Gift of Fat.

What is that? All the cookies, candy, hams, turkeys, chocolate dipped pretzels, puppy chow, and you name it you receive from well-meaning people who want to shower you with a gift.

Problem is, you get a TON of these gifts; especially, my poor teachers.

Oh gosh. My clients who teach literally dread the holidays because EVERYONE wants to give them homemade junk FOOD. Each person who lovingly makes these things just knows that THEIR DISH is the special one.

Not really. I hate to burst that bubble but I know what most women think on the inside when they unwrap your joy.

"Oh great, here's MORE stuff I'm going to be tempted to eat, probably eat way too much of it, cry, and hire a trainer to work this off my ass!"

Maybe that's a tad dramatic but put yourself in their shoes. If you read my blog, more than likely it's because you either want to lose weight or want to keep yourself fit because you lost weight. The holidays can be daunting with temptations.

We've had a long standing rule in my house: DO NOT BRING HOME THE GIFT OF FAT. I simply WON'T have it in my house. When I choose to have candy, cookies, desserts...I have things I know I  LOVE and stuff I can control. I want my treats to be special and enjoyed. What I won't ACCEPT is mindlessly eating stuff just because I can see it, having a bad day, or bored.

This holiday season as you are coming up with gifts to send to people, try giving some of these.

And get creative with everyone in your life! A lot of us have LONG lists of people from our hair stylist to babysitters we want to give a gift. How about things like a gift basket of gum, household items like wipes, cleaners, and rags, book of stamps, donation in people's name, a note written to their boss and copy them with a Starbucks gift card, office or school supplies, or an IOU to clean their house, watch their kids, or pet sit.

For all of you who WILL get a lot of stuff you don't want, research a homeless shelter, nursing home, or hospice on your way home. Keep a nice gift bag or basket in your car and fill it with your gifts. Drop it off. These people may struggle with their health but it could brighten their day. Often people who are in these situations don't receive many gifts and will appreciate some occasional joy.

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