The Scale Is Up…I Am Undeservable

I had a client with the scale moving up 5 lbs. She knew before she got on that her body felt different and THAT is why she wanted to weigh-in…she wanted to be truthful with herself. Nothing wrong with that. Often I think we ignore the scale in this case. If you are going to take corrective action that’s FINE. If you are just ignoring cold-hard facts then we need to work on that part, right?

But, after having a great moment of clarity that she knew she needed to just keep plugging along and take the number for what it is, she popped back in her journal saying, “Crazy talk is here. I don’t deserve to go to hot yoga or order Insanity Max30 until I fix this.”

Oh my. This is when I get super honest with my clients. Instead of typing a long blog I shot a video of my feelings on this. It’s almost 15 minutes of ranting. I shoot a lot of videos of me ranting for the private forum members so my advice is if you don’t have time to watch it just play it on your smart phone while you drive and listen to it. I’m not posting crazy cool graphics so you won’t miss anything other than two cats marching around me wondering why I’m in the floor.


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