This Is Your Life!

The diet industry has done a good job over the years convincing us that you must deprive yourself and sweat your butt off if you want to lose weight. While some of us do enjoy a good workout, it’s not for everyone. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is very simple:

Learn to live a healthy lifestyle that YOU CAN LIVE WITH.

The body is meant to move daily. It doesn’t have to be high intensity cardio, but some walking, going upstairs to get something rather than sending your kids to do it, playing, and general thinking about inserting small activity into your daily life can work wonders. Strength training just once a week will give you healthy benefits. It may not cut you up, but it will save your bones. Eating fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and cutting out sugar, salts, and bad fats over time will take weight off. Slowly you start feeling better, pounds disappear, and you really haven’t changed a lot about how you are living.

I truly believe the biggest aspect of weightloss that gets lost on people is realizing you must do it for a lifetime. Losing weight can’t be a quick fix. Right now is where we decide how enjoyable our 70’s will be. By the time most of us hit 70, science will have found more cures and ways for us to live longer. It is realistic to think you will live to be 90 or 100. Decide now how you want the last 20-30 years to be…active and vibrant or hunched up in a chair waiting for someone to help you to the toilet.

Today is my DOR. I had big plans of walking for 1:30 this morning and then I realized my leg workout yesterday was a great one. I can barely move my butt cheeks. 🙁 Looks like the glute work, worked. So, I decided to rest today from formal exercise, take my son to the park for play and picnic, go to the McDonald’s playland to work on PNP biz while he plays more, and then come home for dinner and bed. A full day, but we’ll have a good time.

Daily Food Journal:

B – Oatmeal and Pbutter, 1/2 cantaloupe
L – Turkey pickle roll up, cucumber slices, banana
S – Ice Cream Cone and coffee at McD’s
D – Turkey Breast Burger Patty, Spinach Salad, Black Eyed Peas
S – Atkins Bar, 1 cup of lite popcorn


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