Time for a Weigh-In

Today I finally weighed in to see how I have done since spending a week at the beach and then a weekend partying for my birthday with the King. 144.6lbs! Just so you know my first competition this year I was 145lbs and returning from vacation after a couple of days I was up to 150 (my top end of comfort). I'm holding steady without what I call a ton of effort.

I've cut my training back to my maintenance. I REALLY ENJOY working out so I do a bit more than an average person who may even be trying to lose weight. That's fine because I think we should all train to how it makes us most happy and satisfied. If I had a physique goal, of course, the training would be dictated by that. Right now the goal is half marathons with my love so that is the goal I plan things around.

But, outside of the running I must do (and I do AS LITTLE AS NEEDED TO FINISH RESPECTIVELY), I am working out how I like. Lifting, trying new videos for cardio, sometimes stepper/stepmill, barbell complexes, etc. We all get hung up in what is BEST to lose WEIGHT forgetting what is BEST for us to be CONSISTENT.

What drives me to the gym or my basement every day is the challenge and joy of the workout. It took me a long time to sort of stumble my way into enjoying exercise. Let's face it, when you weigh 250lbs it freakin' hurts to do just about anything. You are sore, you feel bad for being out of shape, you worry what others think of you doing your workout, and you usually think you are doing it wrong and not enough.

I started with walking but tried all kinds of classes and types of training before I finally found weights. Even though I KNOW lifting weights is going to help you lose fat and change your body, some of you don't like it and don't know enough to do it safely. There are ways to make sure it is included but if you hate it then do the MINIMUM. The key is finding what you know you will do and like and then keep doing it. You'll lose weight faster moving every day rather than skipping workouts you hate!

This is why I try to show people that developing a lifestyle will get you to the finish line. A lifestyle isn't PERFECT. For most of us, it doesn't read like Clean Eating Magazine and doesn't flow like a figure athletes workout schedule. I get a little sad when I read how people should just "buck up" and deal with starving, hurting (soreness), not liking their food, etc.

Buck up my butt! Short of being a racer or stage athlete, let's figure out why you can't stick to something and fix that. Don't get me started on this one.

I'm not saying when you try to lose weight you ain't going to be hungry. Trust me, when I am working off vacation bloat I have to say no to an extra snack, a bigger portion of something, eat a salad on my BIRTHDAY, avoid wine until date night, and have a slight hunger gnaw before my next meal. But, I ain't starving within an hour of eating! If I am, I am not eating enough for my goal of just being fit for life.

For example, Tuesday I was starving all day. I ate extra food. No telling why Tuesday was the hungry day (I did get up and workout very early but it's been a light week for me). Rather than sitting there white-knuckling all day, I just kept adding in healthy snacks like cashews, raw veggies with hummus, and even baked an extra sweet potato to have with some chicken I had grilled. We were going out for my birthday dinner and if I hand't kept eating all day I am sure I wouldn't have been fine with a nice salad bar, MGD 64, and leftover plain potato of Chris'.

BTW…off topic. Awesome tip. When I want a "potato" Chris usually gets one and only eats the inside. I LOVE THE OUTSIDE of a potato so I always get greens as my side and then I finish off his jacket with some salt and ketchup. Sounds goofy but I save a lot of calories and feel "treated." Nothing wrong with a potato, but I just usually don't eat them at night unless there are no other tasty options.

Back to my weigh-in. My goal is to make it to Vegas a week from Sunday where I am today. I'm content here and although it does take some mindfulness to maintain it's not bad. And while I'm in Vegas I will be smart with most meals, have my wine, and enjoy some nice treats with good friends. One thing I won't do is stress every choice because my lifestyle will be waiting for me when I get home.


Yesterday's Workout: 3 mile run, Turbo Fire 20 min. Core DVD, and I did do about 15 minutes of Hip Hop Hustle training since I'm going to camp next week. Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

Food: Usual stuff I posted the other day but instead of my evening shake I wanted some popcorn with Logan. We both had  bag of 100 cal Kettle Corn and I also had a 1/2 Shakeology with mine as we read Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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    I think you are doing so good without weighing! Keep it up. Seems to keep you high on motivation, on target with behaviors, and accountable. Works often with people who get down on the scale. I am weighing mainly opposite reason. I get paranoid at times it goes up and need to keep healthy perspective. I think we all go in cycles through our lifestyle where the scale means TOO much and then times when it is a sanity device.  Keep it up Kathleen! 

  • Kathleen says:

    I’m thrilled with my no weighing right now. I can feel changes happening and that feels great. I’ll make it until September and take a peak. I have another couple of weeks and will do measurements but if I can lose another 7.5 inches and not step on that scale I’m all for it. Exercising and working on keep my cals where they need to be and losing inches… woot, woot. No scale stress here.

  • Corinne says:

    It is sweet. When you take the overthinking OUT and just start doing it’s amazing how you aren’t obsessed with every little thing anymore. Makes like simpler and more fun.

  • Lori says:

    I love this! I’m happy about your weigh in too 🙂 Maintanace is looking pretty good missy

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