Travelling Healthy

I’m off to another week in Vegas next week to celebrate turning the big 4-0!!!!! 14 of my dear friends from the PNP world are meeting me there and we have an amazing week planned.

I’ve done an awesome job over the years teaching these girls how to travel, be prepared, and yet have a good time. Vacation isn’t a time I choose to live my healthiest but I certainly don’t abandon my habits. Here’s things we have planned; maybe that will help you think outside the vacation box to come back feeling good and ready to jump back into the swing of things.

Plan Activity

We have several FUN, active things going on: hike, gym bootcamp (lead by me because my girls are online and RARELY get to train with the Queen), Buti Yoga, walk the strip to the pool (about 2.5 miles), and loads of dancing. Like the kind of dancing that you leave with mascara on your chin and your hair sporting the “wet” look.

We don’t worry with keeping a hard core workout schedule at all but we do enjoy just moving and making it fit our fun schedule. When you go on vacation try to include things like walks on the beach, trying a new activity special to your destination, and walking while exploring the city.

I also like to use hotel gyms or local ones. Why? I often wake up before EVERYONE in my family and use that time to exercise doing something I don’t do at home. For instance, I put things on my Pinterest page and try them out on vacation!

Bring Food

I have done it both ways on vacation: brought almost all my meals and ate in the room or just carried snacks. These days since I am not on a specific diet for a sport so I just bring things that I enjoy so I’m not getting too hungry leading to eating junk. For Vegas, we are bringing all kinds of things: protein pancakes (some have food allergies and need options), protein bars, almost all of us drink Shakeology so we got blenders and shakes like wildfire, nuts, beef jerky, fruit, peanut butter and rice cakes, pumpkin seeds, and we will likely hit a store for some fresh and healthy options that don’t travel awesome. We do plan to eat out and eat well but often when I’m sitting in the room I prefer to have a little healthy snack so I’m not head first in the breadbasket when we eat!


It really takes very little planning and room in your suitcase to have some good options! And yes, that’s Crown Royal too!

Keep On That Water

Water, water, water. When on vacation just drink a lot. We plan to enjoy adult beverages so my rule is 8 oz of water between almost all drinks. You’ll be amazed at how it keeps you regular, keeps dehydration hunger at bay, gets you walking to the bathroom (and moving), and offsets hangovers!

Carry a bottle with you and fill it up as often as you can. You will be amazed how often you come home feeling “backed up” from vacation just because you forgot to keep on the water.

After Vacation

Don’t weigh after vacation EVER. That will just drive you nuts and make your vacation memories fade. Most people will bloat from travel, change of environment, different foods, and more. It’s not worth it. Weigh your vacation with the memories and not the scale. Give it a week of being healthy and happy and I bet you’ll see something you can handle!

I hit the grocery FIRST THING. Like I drop off the husband with the bags and don’t get out of the car but go to the grocery store! He can unpack while I load up the house with good food. It’s worked for years and then the next day or night I food prep good stuff. There’s nothing like coming home and falling back into healthy habits.

I also try to get back to training the very next day. If I’m tired from a long trip I take a small walk. Good enough. Otherwise I have in my phone my weekly plan so that I know and see what I need to do. Makes things so much easier to get back to when you’ve handled the details.

Those are a few of my tips. Hope it helps you think about a few key habits you can keep in place so that when you come home you are ready to work off the vacation bloat!

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    Great tips. Have a great birthday!!

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