Turbo Fire and Body Beast Hybrid

I have a lot of clients who love to use Turbo Fire and Body Beast. My girls are always encouraged to lift weights and once they start seeing the benefits they become believers in how it changes their shape, their energy levels, and how they feel about themselves.

When I was losing weight I did cardio all the time. It made me a hot mess. The two pics below show the difference weights makes when combined with some cardio conditioning.

weights vs no weights


Body Beast is a good program because it is designed to teach you to lift heavy. Don’t be scared because it’s ‘dudes’ because you are not going to look like a Beast. Although in the above picture I wasn’t using Beast, I did a program just as heavy and very similar in my gym. Too bad Beast wasn’t around then and I could have worked at home saving loads of time!

The schedule here, though, combines Turbo Fire because many women looking to lose weight do need need some cardio layered in to help with fatloss. You don’t HAVE to do cardio with weights to lose, but many women feel better mixing up their programs.

As you know, I am a coach and trainer so if you want to order through me thus joining my team, I can help you get to your goals. I also run challenge groups and private accountability teams monthly so message me for the latest groups we have forming! This video is me talking about our Aug and Sept 2013 groups.


If you aren’t ready to order but think one day you might want me to coach you, it’s quite simple. Go to www.teambeachbody.com and sign up for a free account listing “phitnphat” as your coach. This makes sure you are on my newsletter list and will be assigned to me if you ever want to try a program or Shakeology.

Turbo Fire and Body Beast hybrid

Week 1-3
Monday – Beast Build Chest and Tris + HIIT 15
Tuesday – Fire 45
Wednesday – Beast Build Shoulders + Core 20
Thursday – Fire 30 or 40
Friday – Beast Build Back and Bis
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Beast Build Legs + Stretch 10

Week 4

Monday – Turbo Stretch 10 + Core 20
Tuesday – Beast Cardio or Turbo 40-60 (you choose)
Wednesday – Turbo Stretch 40
THursday – Beast Lucky 7 (only if you order through a Beachbody Coach like me) or Turbo 30-40
Friday – Turbo Stretch 40
Saturday – Beast Cardio or Turbo 30 optional (can have another off day)
Sunday – Off

Week 5-7

Monday – Beast Bulk Back + Stretch 10
Tuesday – Beast Bulk Arms + HIIT 15
Wednesday – Turbo Core 20 + Stretch 10
Thursday – Beast Bulk Legs
Friday – Beast Bulk Chest + HIIT 20
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Beast Bulk Shoulders + HIIT 15 or 25

Week 8 (Same as week 4)


  • Mona Studer says:

    I am a little late in posting to this blog, but I am just starting the Turbofire/Body beast hybrid that I found on your site. I started Body beast a while back but I missed my cardio and felt I was getting too thick, so the added Turbo cardio is appealing to me. Question I have is which meal plan should I follow, if I’m trying to lose fat?

    • I would follow the TF plan because it is geared to a more cardio focus. Beast is more about the weights. Try it and if after two weeks you aren’t getting the results you want switch to Beast and see what happens. I encourage my private members to always roll two weeks before you make major changes. Good luck!

  • Spencer Hamilton says:

    Hello, I am going to be doing this hybrid. I saw an ad for Beauty and the Beast and thought “let’s see if there’s a hybrid for this!” And I stumbled upon your schedule.

    I’m starting this March 10, 2014 and will enjoy it until May 11th 2014

    I’ve began a goal of not missing a workout and have a small 2 week window where I will do 2 transition weeks and a lot of stretching. It’s going to be awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Jennifer says:

    HI Corinee,
    I am a struggling mess. Anyway I can email you directly and see if my situation is something that fits your services?

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi, So I’ve been following you for a long time now and Im very interested in getting more advice/coaching to lose weight. I guess you can say im a cardio queen and I dont lift weights but I am willing. I dont count calories but when I did I average about 1300. I’d love to email you directly to find out more on how you can help me reach my goal weight.

  • Jennifer says:

    I dont belong to a gym how would one lift heavy outside of using a gym. Do I have to buy weights etc?

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