Unmotivated To Workout

Wednesday I was UNMOTIVATED to workout. I did my PiYo without problem at 5am. It was my leg workout I was dreading. Honestly, the past few weeks I've had to really focus and just get into auto-pilot with the workouts. Some are gang busters once I get started (and that's key – just start) and others I am putting in satisfactory effort.

Thinking on it there are several reasons for being unmotivated to workout:

1. I don't feel like I have goal with my weights other than general fitness. I'm a goals girl and I am motivated best with something to work for.

2. I love the running right now and so I want to run a lot.

3. Busy. Cry me a river, right? It's been tough for me to get my daily routine in order with the business, school, and exercising.

And I could go on and on but won't bore you with all my reasons.

I had to do like I tell you girls often: dig deep and on the days you don't want to put on the big girl panties. Not every day or even week you are feeling like a gorilla hitting the gym. When you do then hit it with all you got and when you don't keep up the habits!

What keeps me in line is a couple of things and I hope it helps you:

1. I have virtual workout buddies through Phit-n-Phat.com. If I tell them I'm going to do something I will. They may never "know" but I have freaking integrity and I know if I held up my end of the bargain.

2. I have a weekly plan. I know what workouts have to get done to stay in shape, what sounded good on Sunday night (and sounds like crap on Thursday), and what things I can drop because it just ain't happening.

The last piece of my unmotivation is a schedule. Since school started I have not gotten my new routine down. I used to workout first thing but now I don't have time to do what I want so it comes later. I get busy working, look up, and realize I ONLY have time for X. By looking at things honestly I know what I need to do. A little better planning and organizing.

Geesh…I always need organizing. Maybe that needs to be part of my September goals!

I think I also need to re-visit my true fitness goals right now. I'm at this point where I'm a little lost and sort of trying to decide where do I want to go? How much time do I want to invest daily? What IS interesting to me right now?

The bottom line is I need to quit worrying all the time about what's best and do what I like and what is motivating. I guess being in fitness you get a little overwhelmed with personal image, what is the optimum, best protocol, etc. Sometimes I have to remind myself I deserve to train for me and not for the business. I like doing videos at times because I don't have to "think" for myself and it takes the pressure off. I think for clients ALL DAY! I don't have a trainer anymore so it's ME doing the planning.

I am my worst critic and I need to just remember this is all for health first and foremost. I look good, feel good, and my weight is holding steady. This week's weigh in is 145.6 (146.? last week). So what if I have a little training ADD these days. You know, I rode hard for three years to committed plans; I'm due for a little ADD. It's fun trying all kinds of new things and as long as I can cross the finish line at my races, stay injury free, and look nice in my Buckle jeans I'm a pretty happy girl.

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    Thanks for the tips! I got it in today and I never start any workout without a good 5-10 min on the TM or dynamic warm-up J. I’m really interested to see how she teaches the momentum/focus stuff. I have a hard time getting that across to people even when I train in person to have the mind/muscle connection. I trained legs yesterday to get them far away from my long run but I might do it on Thursday. We are only doing an easy 6 this week. J 

  • Emily says:

    I did Squeeze Lower Body Challenge this morning to see if I could give you any pointers. Make sure and do a quick 5-10 cardio warm-up on your own before starting. Tracy likes to jump right in on this one. Also, after the lunge section, she has an around the world section which works the front, side, and back of the legs. You’ll notice that for the several of the moves, she only moves her leg a little bit (several inches). Make sure and keep the movements small. When the movements are done at a larger range, you are using momentum more then muscle. When you move in a very small range, it’s all muscle and you feel it. I’m interested to see what you think of this one. Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but you can use a chair with barre workouts instead of a barre 🙂

  • OK…I’m ordering the Squeeze Lower body and let’s see if I’m walking! I’ll try anything like Mikey! LOL

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    Oh, here’s a dumb question…is there a DVD that doesn’t require the barre? I’d rather start there and make sure I like it. 

  • I haven’t tried it but I have switched the way I’m training legs for a few weeks. I gave up the HEAVY days for more of a fast circuit style. I think I’m just tired of training legs. LOL. Today I can barely walk!
    I’ll have to look into it. I know PiYo is a less intense but have you tried the new versions? The original was a snooze fest but the editions in the last year are now hip hop fast moving. My legs are too strong for it to be a leg workout but I use the PiYo for good stretching to good music. The upper body part kills me though. As heavy as I lift it shames me with how weak I’m in with 1000 push ups…at least it feels that way.
    I’ll look up those videos and get one. I’m always up to trying new things. Seems like all I’ve done lately, though, is switch it up. I think that was my point is that the “trainer” in me knows to get good results you want structure and to tap out a program. The exercise chic in me wants to do new things and mix it up. And, like I said, I did the structure thing for a long time…I just need to ACCEPT it’s OK to mix it up and have fun. LOL

  • Emily says:

    Corinne, have you thought about training your legs a different way? Instead of heavy weights and plyo, maybe try barre workouts once a week. Barre is a combination of pilates and ballet. I know you are doing PiYo, but (no offense) PiYo is a nap on the couch compared to barre workouts. They work muscles in your legs in a way that heavy weights don’t. Your legs will be shaking and it will be near impossible to walk down stairs when you’re done. My lower body is definitely my weak spot (squishy compared to my upper body). Barre workouts have done more for my lower body then heavy weights ever did (though I still use heavy weights for upper body and squeeze in the occasional heavy weight session for lower body – I’ve maintained my strength despite rarely using weights for my lower body anymore). There are tons of dvd choices out there. Physique 57, Squeeze, The Bar Method, Core Fusion. I’m not saying give up weights for lower body, but maybe if you try something new, you’ll be more excited about your workouts 🙂

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