Untapped Possibilities

I was struggling to find a blog topic today and this little quote came up in email.

“No matter our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”

Dale Turner

It made me think of my own weight loss journey. Looking through journals stretching back to when I was just nine years old, I dreamed of being HALF as fit as I am now. Entry after entry, for years and years, my mind had this vision of what my life might look like if I would “just lose the weight.”


I wonder if it was all the years I spent dreaming and thinking of what could be that helped lead me to today? There were more than enough times I spent mourning what I didn’t have – can’t run, eat out of control, shopping at Lane Bryant, etc. But through it all I never quit thinking about what could be.

Many days I look at myself and wish I had started much sooner. It has taken me two lower body lifts, a thigh lift, two breast jobs, and a full tummy tuck to get a lot of what I took for granted in the drive-thru fixed physically. That’s just the outside shell and while the loose skin is gone, I’ve traded it for train tracks.

My own fitness still has a ways to go, too. Guess all the years I didn’t do anything makes it hard for me to reach a lot of the physical feats I would love. My sweet husband can tell you how hard I work to be a faster runner, a stronger lifter, and “tougher mudder.”


But then I don’t want to think of this as “hard.” I want to think how as I age I get better. My best times are ahead of me. Each year brings a new challenge, new things to appreciate, and ways to discover how strong I am. I might not be able to run like I COULD HAVE at 20 but I can handle more in my life without compromising my health than I did back then.

I’m proud of what a strong woman I am – not the weights I can lift – but the fact that I can let go of past bull crap, face current struggles and not let food or laziness be my drug. I have found in my 30’s that my potential is limitless. I can’t even imagine how awesome I’ll be in my 40’s!


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