Do You Want to Lose Weight…Maybe

  That’s how most of your lunch and dinner plates SHOULD look. Notice it is not for a DIET or losing WEIGHT. Simply put, we should eat like that to be healthy and NORMAL. Now this is tough love. Most of us when we see that get angry or say, “Oh no, here’s another diet.” Let me ask you…

  • Don’t wanna exercise?
  • Don’t wanna eat healthy choices?
  • Don’t “like” vegetables?
  • Don’t wanna look and feel the same as you do right now?
  • Don’t wanna take medication for your blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.?
  • Don’t wanna hurt when you get out of bed or off the floor?

Which of these “dont’s” don’t you want the most? Life is full of choices. Often we get an entitlement attitude because we are free to make so many choices. Our body was always designed to eat fruits, vegetables, and freaking REAL FOOD. But I admit, in my experience working with people, when I ask them to eat like the picture they throw a fit like I’m putting them on a restrictive diet. Correct me if I am wrong, but MOST of the world doesn’t have fast food restaurants, Coco Puffs, doughnuts, Starbucks, and mac and cheese at their fingertips. Just because we have it doesn’t me we need to design our whole health picture around it. All I’m saying today is that most people TALK about their goals.

  • I want to feel good in my swim suit.
  • I want to look and feel younger than I am.
  • I am too young to be pre-diabetic! I want to avoid taking meds by being healthy.
  • I want to have pretty arms.

Guess what? If you DON’T want to eat like that picture most of the time you don’t WANT those things MORE than you want to only please your mouth. That picture is NOT A DIET. It’s a healthy way of living. All those people you think have it easy with their body probably eat like that most of the time. At least the ones I know do. Hell, my 11-year old eats that way and he doesn’t complain. You can have treats and such in life but life is not supposed to be filled with mindless, numbing, and nutritionally void food. Your life is worth more than that. As they say, you aren’t cheap and easy so don’t eat that way. I’m off to food prep so we can eat like the picture this week.

  • Susan says:

    Love it! Do you have a link to the poster so I could print/enlarge it? Thank you!

  • Leigh says:

    Love this, you seem to know how to put this stuff in perspective for me!

  • Dayna Anderson says:

    Corinne, how do you incorporate veggies with your breakfast? I eat a baked oatmeal most mornings. I know I can add veggies to my eggs, but I don’t eat eggs to often because I want something that is made up ahead of time (ready to eat-just warm it up).

    • Usually I will roast up some of my favorites and eat them cold on the side with some hard-boiled eggs. That’s easy. You can make egg muffins (eggs in muffin tins) and freeze reheat in microwave. If you do that then it’s easy to just throw whatever veggies you like in there.

  • Evira matos says:

    Love this poster!!! You are amazing. You always have great things to say and your the information you write about is so helpful! Thank you.

    Do you eat flour? Or what are your thought on while flour?

    • I don’t really eat flour I guess. It’s not that I am opposed to it as much as it doesn’t happen to be in things I eat. Like this week I am having eggs and Ezekial toast for breakfast, cucumber and tomato italian salad with chicken thighs, sweet potato, and roasted veggies for lunch, snap peas and hummus for a snack, fruit if I’m hungry, and Mexican salad with salsa verde rump roast for dinner. Shakeology and pumpkin seeds for dessert before bed. Every now and then when I want a Subway, weight watcher pizza or whatever I just have it. My thought is I usually just avoid processed foods for real food so that when I want some processed food or need to do something quick it really isn’t a big deal. I don’t get hung up in those things are ‘bad’ for you unless you abuse them. A doughnut once a month isn’t going to kill me. Doughnut for breakfast every day will!

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