Weekend Lessons in Weightloss

Weekends take planning just like your week. I have several people who eat the same on Saturday and Sunday as they do through the week and I have others who need a different weekend plan.

There are lots of things that come up on the weekend that don’t Monday through Friday. If you are like me the weekend is when we try to squeeze every fun thing imaginable into about 36 hours and then spend the remainder of the weekend gearing up for another week.

Here’s what works for me and then I invite others to share tips, ask questions, and brainstorm what we can do different this weekend to be more successful.

I usually eat up whatever is left from the week on Friday and then it’s pretty much history or old by Saturday. So by Friday018 afternoon I might have things a little out of whack but if it’s clean who gives a toot. Don’t get hung up with being perfect to plan but just keeping it right. We all know what is healthy and what is dumping crap in our mouth.

Saturday I eat my usual breakfast: egg whites and oats. I love them and always have them in the fridge. If we do decide to go out we go to IHOP or Subway typically. IHOP has a great healthy menu. Subway’s new egg white sammies are delicious. I do get mine on the regular 6in just because 180 cals isn’t enough food for me. You could get yogurt or apple slices but I like my breakfast in the 400 calorie range so I get a big ole egg white sub on whole wheat, all the veggies, and mustard. I don’t do cheese.

This is a good day to feel free to eat out and enjoy other people making you salads, small sirloins with baked potatoes and a bit of sour cream (or I like to put ketchup on mine and Chris likes mustard), grilled chicken and fish entrees with veggies or a baked potato, etc.

If I am at home, I like to eat Boca Burgers and I keep frozen buns or Ezekial Bread all the time. It’s also a day I might eat Weight Watcher frozen pizzas, deli meat sandwiches, etc. I’m not a chip person but I do make a Thursday night run to the store to grab things we need for the weekend (like beer for the King and a small ice cream for Logan for desserts). This is when I grab a bag of baby carrots, a bag of cut lettuce and some baby spinach, and any fruits or favorite veggies we will eat. I am not the only person in the house that needs healthy food . That’s why I make the midweek run. If Logan doesn’t have fruits and veggies to choose from over the weekend he won’t eat any and I’m a crappy mother for it.

On Sunday I wake up and hit the store. Then I go get the week’s groceries and spend Sunday afternoon doing our food prep/cleaning/laundry while football is on TV. The boys play, I do the food, and it’s super easy to eat healthy because I’ve reloaded the house and we can eat something I just made for the week right then.

That’s how I do it. I also carry my gallon jug of water with me everywhere so that water isn’t forgotten. I trust if I have something off plan that I’ve worked hard enough at my lifestyle that it’s OK. When we have “junk” it’s FINE. I limit it to a meal and just act smart the rest of the weekend. It might not be my weekly food but it’s not like a WW pizza and baby carrots took me to 250lbs either. 😉

So, what do you do or how can PNP help?


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