Weekend or WEAKend

I've blogged before about the idea of a weekend and weakend. A weekend is well planned, executed, active, and filled with a BALANCE in your lifestyle. A WEAKend is where you go in without a plan you execute, out of balance from your usual lifestyle, and typically some all or nothing moments.

When losing weight you can still have a good weekend without giving up everything you love. Just plan for small treats.

Same goes for us in maintenance. Just because it's Friday doesn't mean go nuts.

This weekend I didn't plan well. I went to my safe restaurants and ate healthy during the day. The problem is I didn't eat enough both days, was highly active, and had plans to drink both days. That's a bad combination for me. Long story short, both days I overindulged at the house with cereal one night and then we polished off ice cream AND cereal at the house the second night.

Trust me, I don't keep ice cream here for a reason. I love it too much. So, after I had a good bit I just said to Chris get it out. He actually ate a TON to save me from myself. Not exactly my proudest moment but I appreciate him understanding I just couldn't have junk in the house.

Sunday was good. I did leg day, ate well, and finished the day strong. Today I did an upper body lift and cardio and was STARVING all day. I ate and kept it in line but right now as I type I am having wine to wind down after a tough day with my son. At least I'm full so no more crap eating fests. 🙂

Lessons I learned or noticed:

1. When I drink and have "saved calories" that's a joke. I end up making up for it later, at night, with stupid choices, and no "good cop" to limit me.

2. When I drink and have ate right all day I end up making a good choice later. Why do I think this is ever a bad plan?

3. I didn't realize I forgot to take a day off last week. Maybe this is why today after hard training all week I'm just a bottomless pit? I can just go most days and unless the schedule shows me a day off my body doesn't scream for a break. I need to be better at my recovery work.

4. I have been very active this month with being at the beach, taking Logan swimming daily, cleaning house more than ever, running a lot more, etc.

5. Just because I'm going out of town for a long time doesn't mean I don't need to prep. Winging it means lack of veggies and lack of veggies means more hunger!

So, today I ate more calories but kept them a lot smarter. I also got off my ass and cooked up two bags of orange roughy (my favorite fishy), some brussel sprouts with garlic, and fresh tomatoes. It may be the same meal but tomorrow I can eat that for lunch and dinner, have some turkey deli meat on a spinach salad and baby carrots for snack, and have enough to put in the cooler for my plane ride to LA. (There will be carbs all around breakfast BTW.)

It's like anything, I am only one meal away from righting the ship, and being honest with myself, I haven't done that bad. I just feel bad for not behaving the way I know I can and most of the time do. When I am out of control, not planning, and being irresponsible I feel bad. My mind and body reflect it.

When I CHOOSE to enjoy myself wisely I feel good inside and out. There's such a difference and it is all in the behavior.

So, tomorrow is a new day, I'm having another glass of wine with my husband but the kitchen is closed. I definitely feel better. Another win is journaling the truth. Truth will set you free and sitting around laying low when things are bad will just have you laying in the gutter.

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    Me too Emily! He is a great husband. Always has been.  

  • Emily says:

    You have a very sweet husband Corinne 🙂 You can tell that he’s crazy about you and only wants the best for you. If only us, as women, could learn to love ourselves as much as our husband’s love us. Though, maybe I don’t want that. If I loved myself the way my husband loves me, I’d go around smacking my butt all the time 😉

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    I’m going to blog on this today. Dog HOUSE! Kidding. LOL 

  • The King says:

    I’m supposed to be the “good cop” in these moments, and saying “Are you sure you want to do that?” when it comes to the ice cream and other junk. It’s tough because I get an “expert” answer that she has x-hundred calories to spare for the day and I can’t really argue with that. Or I get a “Why? Do you think I’m fat?” answer, which is clearly ridiculous if you’ve seen how she’s looking lately at all, but these moments make for tough spots for us.
    I don’t want to get blamed the next day for the guilt. I also don’t want to spoil the party because “I must think she’s too fat to be eating this”. So it’s pretty much a no-win situation. I generally give up if it’s clear the food is going to win the battle, in hopes that over time we can win the war by acknowledging how things went down after the fact.
    Thankfully, the nights of losing the battle anymore are very few. And when the battle *was* lost, she owns it and moves on.
    Much better are the nights of semi-planned indulgences like a WW pizza or a Subway saved from earlier in the day. Ladies take it easy on your men and if you tend to indulge on a party night, go into battle with a plan!
    p.s. my run the next day did *not* benefit from the extra ton of ice cream I put away throwing myself on the sword (as if I could not find the trash :-)).

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