Welcome to the Family

Today I leave for Ohio to do something I have never done…a marathon relay! 20+ PNP girls are doing a meet-up and relaying. It will be a fun weekend for sure.

I remember back in the day when meeting people you “knew” on the internet was CRAZY. Our first weekend together was in 2006 or 2007 (I think…I’m so bad with dates). My online clients then used a free Yahoo Group and we decided we should all come stay at my house and workout for a weekend.

There were 8 of us from Rhode Island to Arkansas. We worked out in the basement and the street. They brought dumbbells! It was before the Dungeon was born and filled with toys.

That was the birth of hood workouts, hoochie tops, and going out one night for fun at an event. I think we went to Cheesecake Factory? Not sure but we’ve come a long way since that first little gathering. Now we have annual 3-day camps that take me a year to plan, several race meet-ups a year, many of us vacation together, and more. Some of the women will tell you they’ve made their dearest friends in the world on my site and all because they wanted to lose a few pounds. What they gain is far more valuable…at least in my humble opinion.

This Flying Pig race was spur of the moment. We had one person post up in the group how she would love to do a marathon relay and 20 people later we’ve got Canada to the Dirty South representing.

Many of the girls I’ve met but I am STILL meeting new to me PNP ladies. The magic of PNP is people feel comfortable meeting the people they share their lives with. We are a close community, family if you will, and when we “see” each other that first time it’s like we pick up where the conversation left off in the forums. It’s amazing and special.

I’ll be sure to get some pictures and post in my blogs this upcoming week. For now, I’m taking in how wonderful life is when it is filled with such amazing women. They are all truly my dearest friends that I trust with my own personal hopes, dreams, goals, low moments, and more. That’s why I call them my #PNPFamily.

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