What Do You Do with All That Halloween Candy?

I asked my PNPTribe members what could they do today that will leave them smiling at bedtime. We focus each day on how we can do better and better every day in our diet and weight loss.

One of them had this brilliant plan that I had never heard of! And, I thought I had every trick for making sure Halloween Candy didn’t end up being a 2lb load on my ass.

Enter the Switch Witch!

I googled it and she’s a real deal. You can get a doll and everything, but going easy and cheap here’s how I suggest you roll.

Step 1: Take your kid to Target before Halloween to see if there is something tempting in the toy aisle.

Step 2: Tell them the story of the Switch Witch.

Step 3: Switch out the candy while they sleep for a toy leaving the above note.

No more sugar highs for the kids and no more tempting ass treats for your pants.

Y’all, the holidays are upon us. Stay tuned for more on how to handle holiday leftovers!


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