What I Am Eating This Week

I shared that I have lost five pounds this month and people started asking me, “What are you eating?”


I love cereal and this week I’m having an oldie but a goodie: Fiber One. I’ve been eating it since I lost my weight. I used to make my Fiber One Bombs that had peanut butter in them but now I like 2 cups of cereal, 1 cup of almond milk, 2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds in the shell and then a side of either eggs or yogurt for protein. It’s super filling and delicious! Sometimes I eat Cheerios Protein which is good, too, but right now I’m on a Fiber One kick.


I make a big crockpot of Hot Chicken. The Recipe is simple! 2 pounds of chicken breast, 1 bottle of Franks Hot Sauce and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Shred with a fork when done and you can stir in a ranch seasoning packet and some low fat cream cheese, too!

I enjoy this with my roasted green beans. Take a sheet pan and line with aluminum foil. Put 2-3 bags of frozen green beans on it. Sprinkle with Cajun Seasoning and a little olive oil. Bake at 400 degrees for about 40-50 minutes. I like mine crispy! Sometimes I will add in a little balsamic vinegar. It gives it a good wang! I do the same procedure with the asparagus. Frozen, bake it, get it crispy.

The sweet potatoes I just microwave. I don’t like mine really sweet. So, 4-5 minutes each in the microwave cooks them to where they aren’t syrupy.


I’m enjoying some Beef and Barley Soup with a side salad. I buy Dole bags and my favorite right now is the Poppy Seed Greek Yogurt blend. I don’t use the toppings but I love the dressing and the pre-chopped salad. Just makes things easy!

The soup is a version of this recipe. I use ground bison for my meat. I brown the meat and I also use twice the mushrooms and sub balsamic vinegar for soy sauce. One thing I do a lot is find recipes and just do it a little different. I’m not afraid to play! What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t like it. That can happen making it exactly like the recipe. Don’t be afraid to change things depending on what you like and what you have on hand.


I eat snacks based on if I’m hungry. I teach my PNP Members to journal food but not count calories. We learn the hunger scale, the four types of eating, and more. It’s such an easier way to build a lifestyle and create TRUST and LESS STRESS with your body.

I keep things around in case I need more food. Some days I’m truly hungry. Some days three meals is plenty. The key is allowing my body to tell me what it needs: not my emotions or a food calculator!

Snacks I commonly keep on hand are nuts, all kinds of fruits (my son loves fruit so we always have it), cheese, and Shakeology. Right now I am JAMMING on the new Cafe Latte Shakeology. It is also sometimes breakfast, post-workout, or a meal if I need something to take with me. I try to either eat a meal or have a post-workout shake on all lifting days.

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    Love you

    Emotional eating is one of my many overweight issues

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