What? There’s No Such Thing As Food Pushers?

Food pushers come up often in my world.

I never encounter them and realize at 250 pounds I didn’t have them either. You might ask how can that be?

See, people offer food to you. Choice happens.

We have a moment where we get to choose how we think about the offer. Some common things I read with my clients…

“But she was so sweet to think of me so I didn’t want to be rude.”

“I’m so mad because she knows I’m trying to lose weight. I ate it so she wouldn’t be mad.”

And the list goes on.

Here’s the deal girls…there are no food pushers. There are only three people:

The Food OFFERER (that’s a word right)


The Food DENIER (another fabulous word)

How you think in the moment, when the offer happens, will determine wh
at you will feel and do. You can choose to think, “She is offering me food but I get to choose if this fits in my plans and goals,” you’ll take a lot of steam out of the scenario.

Trust me, it’s the same with BOOZE, too. I love me some wine and drinks and am working on this. As you know, I am an open book and share it all. Warts and all.

No one makes you drink.

No one needs to avoid parties and friends to not eat or drink.

I’ve done this in the past and it doesn’t work. Not long term. And, be honest, it doesn’t feel good. Cutting yourself off of life to “get healthy” messes with one of the key parts of healthy – the healthy heart and mind.

If you feel like you can’t say to no to the Food and Drink Offerers in life…

Ask why?

The answer is you. Not them. So dig deep. Why are you agitated? Why are you frustrated? Why is saying no hard?

And, when we don’t need blame other people and look at why we don’t want to say no, why we want to please others before ourselves, why we NEED the cake, the wine, the fries…we can be true to ourselves.

Change begins when we are truly aware of what we think and CHOOSE to believe. I know that. My own belief systems are changing…for the better.


  • Regan says:

    This is so true. I feel like we all struggle sometimes with saying no to certain foods especially at the holidays when the foods are given as gifts. I was wondering what do you think about the Paleo way of eating? Also do you make any of your own condiments?

    • I am fine with lots of diet styles. I think it boils down to WHY you want to eat that way and if it makes YOUR body feel good. Paleo might be perfect for some and not good at all for others. I have clients who eat meat and it stops up their digestion. I have others like me who adore meat and it makes them feel energetic. I don’t start any “style” of diet until I examine why I want to try it. If it’s just to lose weight then I need to dig deeper. Why do I want to lose weight and get that reason solid and from a feeling of I deserve to treat myself well. I see more people start diets as a way to punish themselves for being out of shape and that never works long term.

      I DO NOT make my own condiments. There’s plenty of things to keep me busy. I’m OK with buying those. LOL.

  • Katrece Hyde says:

    Coming to this realization and changing my thoughts about my “pushers” has been huge for me.

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