What’s the Best Diet?

What’s The Best Diet?

I get that question a lot. Since losing 100 pounds people want to know what I did, was it hard, and is it easy keeping the weight off? Well, let me tell you!

What did I do?
I started with what I COULD do my best THAT DAY. The following 10 steps are what worked for me.

Was it hard?
Yes it was hard! I was changing from the inside out. EVERY change no matter how big or small is HARD. I am not here to blow smoke up your you know what.

But, I chose hard things that were DOABLE. There’s the difference. You can choose to make it ALL hard at ONCE or you can choose hard things in small chunks. I knew I had to change over time. It worked.

Is it easy to keep the weight off?
Sort of. There are days that are harder than others. That’s life in my opinion. There are days being healthy is easy. What works for me is having a plan each week and doing it. Even when things don’t go perfect, I don’t use it as an excuse to fail. Life is my reason to overcome and learn.

1. Eat healthy foods, more from the ground than the factory, and remember if God made it then quit stressing it.

2. Eat when you are hungry. If an apple or carrot doesn’t sound good you might not be tummy hungry! You are EMOTIONALLY hungry which means tired, bored, stressed, or filling time.

3. Stop when you are satisfied. It’s OK to not clean your plate, leave behind some pre-portioned food, and throw stuff away.

4. Your tummy isn’t a trash can. Don’t put the scraps in it. Scraps are things like leftover french fries from your husband’s plate, that taste of cake batter as you made cupcakes for the office, or the remaining mac and cheese you think is too little for a container.

5. MOVE. Anything counts. Don’t let some diet guru tell you that dancing sucks. What sucks is couch surfing. Let them over train and burn out someone else. You follow your movement BLISS!

6. Remember this is a life long commitment. Don’t start eating stuff or cutting out things you can’t see yourself doing in 20 years. Keep the changes small and doable and you will DO THEM…a LONG time.

7. You’ll screw up and you should. One morning caving to a doughnut is just a doughnut. It’s not a big deal until you let it screw up a whole day. It also helps with #8 which is…

8. Don’t weigh your self-esteem. If you can’t get on a scale without turning off your emotions then you aren’t ready to weigh. Keep up steps 1-7.

9. Take as many pictures as you can so you can see your REAL progress. Trust someone who lost 100lbs…you’ll want those pictures to see where you came from and keep you where you are.

10. Drink water. You need it. God put it on earth to grow plants, flowers, and humans. We don’t feed the plants coke for a reason.

Becoming healthy is the best decision I ever made. And, making the decision was the very first step.

I know what it feels like to struggle with food, feel disgusted and let down by your own body, workout and hurt, and wonder if you are even able to change.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN. You CAN do this. You have it in you…just like I did!

It isn’t magic. We all wish it were but it’s really just a lot of commonsense and being willing to keep doing it.

The diet NEVER ends.

You create a life for yourself.

And you live it.

Create one you know you can do.

  • Laura says:

    It was heaven to hear this. Thank you. I’m also sending this to my daughter after I print it and put it on my frig.

  • Linda Carson says:

    I have listened to this podcast several times, has helped me to give over some issues I have. Good thing I did today, I usually make my lunch and I usually feel like I have to eat it all because well it’s a waste. I let that feeling go and ate until I felt full and tossed the rest. Small step but big for me.

  • Amber Kaan says:

    I share this post as often as I can! It makes me sad now when my friends tell me they are starting this or that crazy fad diet that is inevitably the OPPOSITE of listening to your own body. I have learned sooooo much from you and my brain is forever changed. I love this post!

  • Natalie Wilson says:

    Your wisdom is just that, WISE
    I’m 78 and have had a war with food and my lack of discipline for lots of them.
    You words have changed my MIND.
    Thanks to you, I’ve lost 40 lbs, have a healthy BMI and ENJOY the process.
    I love spreading the word about your blog

  • Sheila Starks says:

    Hi, my goal is to obtain a healthy weight and diet plan. I have high blood pressure and need to loose weight. And I want to feel better. Thank you.

  • janet barrett says:

    I would love a copy of your book

  • Joy Tangen says:

    I love this so much!

    Thank you, Corrine!

  • Mertielane says:

    As someone who is half way to my goal, I just wanted to say thanks. I’m not sure when you wrote this, but this morning it was exactly what I needed to read. Life happens, and while we may try to pretend like it doesn’t, it does. After losing 50lbs and getting in a pretty good routine, I lost my job. I have struggled to not get depressed and just say screw it. BUT. I am proud to say that I have maintained and continued to lose weight. I’ve used this time to refocus on my family and develop some better exercise habits. It will never matter what your physical body looks like if your mental body is not ready to take you there or see the result. Anyway, 50 more lbs to go and again, thanks for the little push to say “it’s just life and being healthy so keep doing it.” I needed it.

  • Margie says:

    I am going to try

  • Shelia Wade says:

    Will power is the worst for me. I’m tired of being fat unhealthy and unhappy with my looks. Any suggestions?

    • Keep reading through my blogs. Willpower is something you want to RARELY tap into. It isn’t required when you have plans in place. I would suggest signing up for my free book on changing your mindset first. You have to want to change because you love yourself; not because you aren’t happy. And will power takes a back seat when you have healthy food you enjoy prepared and ready, when you have movement built into your week that you like, etc. Always think about losing weight doing things you ENJOY. don’t look for hard core things that only work for people who can white knuckle or who actually like those things.

      Sign up for my blog too. I send out so many good ones about this stuff with free downloads. It’s worth it! http://www.phit-n-phat./blog-subscribe

  • Eleanor says:

    Hey, I Love, Love your approach on Weight loss. I’m making small lifestyle changes now to lose my extra pounds. I Thank You for your Post!! I will be taking these Tips along with my New Lifestyle changes.

    I find that Portion Control and Meal planning helps tremendously! Keeps me from wanting to order takeout. May God Bless& keep each of us in Great Health!!!

    Eleanor 🙂

  • Betty says:

    Corinne, I read your info, reminds me of myself back in the day. I know what it takes and it does seem I/you are at points of not being happy? something dragging you down in life, or that’s me…..
    I’m 5’2” 179 lbs., age 57, can’t seem to loose it. I have changed my eating, due to I couldn’t afford veggies or things for salad. Guess my boyfriend realized I meant I needed to eat different, sense he’s the income. The lbs. aren’t going but the fat in the middle is and that’s the beginning.
    I was in 2 auto accidents within less than 1 1/2 yrs., caused damage with my arms,neck, back & knees. I’ve never weighed this much. I did walk
    5 mi./1 hr. 12 mins. before. Enough running on I can’t afford the program but I feel it’s a honest approach if women can just count on each other GET A FRIEND, help each other.. Thanks Betty email- blues4gb@gmail.com

  • Ana says:

    It makes sense.
    I’m encouraged

  • Courtney says:

    You are such and inspiration. If you can do it, so can I!!! As tears roll down my face I am so inspired. I have been on this journey for ONLY 2 weeks and the scale has not moved. I drink plenty of water and have cut out fast food, plus I exercise. I want to LIVE and not die!!! I want to beat this disease called diabetes and be here to raise my 3 year old son. I get so discouraged at times…I compare my self to everyone! I’m ALWAYS the biggest person at church, in the grocery store line, at work and at family functions!! Im 5’6″ @300 LBS. But I KNOW I CAN DO THIS. I just need a little push. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Just know you are WORTH it. Really. The best way to lose weight is when you love yourself. I teach my members every day to do this. And most of my members are like us…they have struggled with weight all their life and not looking to lose a few vanity pounds. They want to be there for their kids, their life, their husbands, and play with grand babies one day. BTW…I’m 5’6!!! LOL. It’s a great height. 😉 We’d love to have you be a member or at least read my blogs. I give away a ton of crap because I want women to feel amazing. Every day.

  • Ashley says:

    My biggest struggle is eating greens (or any vegetable!) I cannot find one that I like or will eat. I’m totally fine with eating low calorie and can even portion what I need – I just can’t force feed myself vegetables because I just don’t like them! Any advice??

    • I think you have to explore deeply why you don’t like them and make a list of any you DO like. The thing is you don’t need to eat a ton or a wide variety to get used to them. If you like two of them then eat the crap out of those two. Over time eat one more by simply trying like a child would be expected to. Minimum 3-4 bites daily. 🙂 It does work!

  • Lisa says:

    I want this as a life style and I think phit-n- phat is it please help the new relationship did it I was a size 5 and 6 7 and 8 and I know what ivs got to do just need the tools
    and I know you can help I want to be paet of this phit -a- phit

  • Lisa miskell says:

    I want this as a life style and I think phit-n- phat is it please help the bew relationship did it I was a size 5 and 6 7 and 8 and I know what ivs got to do just need the tools
    and I know you can help I want to be paet of this phit -a- phit

  • Holly says:

    Love this! The only addition would be get a good amount of sleep every night!

  • Randi says:

    do u have weekly menus that’s what I need?

    • I don’t give people menus. I give people knowledge so they can make their own. The site has lots of sample ones but my people learn how to do it on their own so they are good for a lifetime.

  • Katethegreat says:

    What is written on the water bottles?

  • Jill says:

    I think the fact you found this blog and responded shows you are ready to make the time…. I know Corinne can help provide tips and new ideas… along with that Phit n Phat, the community, has many working moms, on this same journey. Will be looking for you on the site, Donna!

  • Michelle Frazier says:

    I have 3 children (15, 11, 6), who are very busy, and I’m a teacher. PNP ladies are a wealth oh knowledge and wonderful cheerleaders! It means so much that Corinne has lost and kept off 100 lbs. That’s motivating to me. I too have probably 85 more to go and have already lost 48lbs. Would love to have you here.

  • Coach Kathleen says:

    Donna, learning to balance our lives can take time to learn that is for sure.
    It starts with small changes ones that are so easy that it doesn’t even feel like change.
    You’ve even started that process by reaching out! Yeah you 😉
    EVERYTHING doesn’t need to be perfect all at once. Simple things like putting a fruit with your dinner for dessert, having some veggies with your lunch, etc.
    What could you do that might only take five minutes each day to help you move forward.
    And.. I agree, our family would be a great place for you to be.

  • Donna says:

    I would love to lose 100 lbs. I just wish I had the time to begin. I have 4 kids and it’s hard. Can you help

    • I’m sure I and my PNP members can. We have people of all ages, sizes, limitations, etc. I don’t think having four kids makes it hard though. I think it makes it more motivating to find a way to take care of yourself. They need you and they need to see that healthy lifestyle in action to actually live one themselves one day. There are so many aspects of weight loss that take no time so being busy can’t be an excuse to do over 50% of right and I can imagine 4 kids makes you busy as all get out!

    • Maggie Reimer says:

      Would love to see you in the group, Donna! I just have a toddler and still struggle sometimes, but like Corinne said, we have all types of scenarios going on. Ladies who make it happen at the gym, ladies who make it happen at home…you name it, we’ve got it! And (at least for me) being part of a like minded community is huge for motivation!

    • Becca says:

      I think PnP can help. First step is to raise your hand and ask for help. I can only imagine having 4 kids makes you busy but one thing PnP has helped me is showing me how we can maximize our time to help us which will allow us to help our family.

    • Jennie says:

      This is a great place to start. The PNP community has been a big help keeping my food, exercise and mental conversations in check. We are all working towards the same goal, being healthy.

  • Kristin says:

    Insee in your photo gallons of water, what are those? One for each day? And what is written on them? I’m starting to eat healthier, looked up healthy foods.mits really not hard to cook healthy. I must make sure ifmimdidnt get a chance to make a grocery list I spend lots of time in the produce section! And I’ve looked up super foods and just have them written down. I find I don’t always have all the spices needed but I generally don’t mind and will cut them out completely!!

    • Do you mean cut out spices? That’s what adds the flavor. The water jugs are marked by time of day you should be at that water level.

      Good for you on researching and using the produce aisle. Those are so important.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi I am a college student who really wants to make this lifestyle change, but can’t find the motivation. I’m tired of feeling like crap, but it’s so hard, time consuming and expensive to eat healthy and workout. How do you find that motivation that will make me want to stop drinking and partying? Especially being 21 and in college where thats pretty much all we do. Along with the stressfulness of struggling with money in the first place.

  • Daniela says:


    Can i get a breakdown of what is in the picture? How did you break down the gallon waters? What was for breakfast, lunch, dinner? I couldn’t make everything out in the pucture. Looking to trim down but has been difficult after having a baby. I’m back at pre-pregnancy weight but want to trim down more.

    Thank you,


  • Teri says:

    I was wondering what do you put in your emails? Like recipes for eating clean?

  • Sonja says:

    please explain what food you have in the picture, and how much portioned out.

  • Deven says:

    I mean 100lbs, not 10.

  • Deven says:

    I am trying to lose 10 lbs of baby weight, my youngest is 7 month’s. I have tried to start eating right and working but I have a real problem with mountain dew and twix, which I didn’t start craving until I was pregnant with my youngest and now I can’t stop. I will go days of only eating and drinking that. What are some foods that I can use to replace these?

    • Rneete says:

      I’m about as hopeless as they come to loading weight. I’ve done it all and done nothing. And nothing seems to be where I’m stuck. Now I’m pretty sure i’ve hit rock bottom lost loved one , friends, job living conditions I hate the pho pohooing but I’m STUCK and all the meal planning and loveing the greens and respecting fruit gets no at point zero

      • This is why I take an approach this isn’t just food and exercise. You have to change how you think. You have all the diet plans, green smoothies, detoxes, gym memberships you want but if you think nothing will work you will figure out how to make none of it work. Losing weight is about creating a life you enjoy; not forcing punishment on people. I would never have lost weight with that approach EVER. Good luck and think about joining my site. We are supportive and we focus on changing mindset while finding things you love. We all have them. We just have to quit thinking we don’t and that losing weight has to be miserable. Not true.

  • PIper says:

    Can you post the menu you used for this week’s meal?

  • Joan Hayes says:

    Thank you so much for this article. It really helped me. I gained some really helpful and doable tips.

  • Jaye murray says:

    But making the time to cook and eating when I am hungry is too structured for my lifestyle, will I ever change this and get the results I desire. Plus finding the time to hit gym. Someone help!

    • Jaye…you have to find your places where you can get things done to set you up for success. You might only have 3-30 min sessions a week to train. Then train HARD. I’ve food prepped for a week from 4-6am on a Sunday before because it’s the only time to get it done. Is it FUN to get up like that and make vegetables? Not really but I just got tired of living meal to meal, feeling like crap, and such.

      Plus, most of my clients don’t go to a gym. I rarely do. If you have a yoga mat worth of space in your home you have room to move. If you have a yard, you can workout. The internet and my own site are full of free workouts to move in short amounts of time for people with no equipment. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Meal prep does take some time to get used to, but for me it was easier to spend 1 day a week to prep breakfast and lunch for the whole week. I would do egg muffins whatever veggies u like and turkey meatloaf muffins. Plus I’d do snacks like cinnamon swirl protein bread. That way I just had to pop in microwave for about 40 sec. Tasty healthy breakfast and lunch. Hope that helps.

  • Jaye murray says:

    I want to eat right

  • Maria says:

    Wow, yeah clean eating paired with recommended hydration for your body is so important.

    Now that I see this visualizing picture, I realize what I want and need to do, to get what and where I want!



    • char says:

      What is the food in the picture?

    • Miniwoman says:

      So I’m skinny and it sucks people think I’m on drugs and they judge me. I can’t gain weight cause I have very bad ibs but what you wrote would work great for someone who wanted to loose some but don’t over do it…….I think the perfect figure is curves how can I get some?

      • Part of it is going to be dialing into a diet that help the IBS first. Have you looked at doing FODMAPS? If so, take the approved lists of foods and work on adding calorie volume through the fats. And work on the “mind” part of it because IBS has a lot to do with that, too.

  • PauLa says:

    Thanks for the tips. The one that is very difficult to learn is when to stop eating when satisfied while everyone still eating and enjoying their food. I guess I eat too fast.

    • Barry Dingle says:

      Drink a couple cups of water before u eat

    • What I tell my clients is you can eat slower sure. But to ask yourself why it is important to you to keep eating while everyone else is eating? You don’t “know” if they are overeating or overfilling. Maybe they are also eating because everyone else is! LOL.

      A lot of people get uncomfortable when they aren’t eating. But I would work on why that is for you. What bothers you about stopping when your body is done and had enough.

      Those are some things to think about. I used to feel that way. Now I stop when I’m done regardless of how fast or slow I eat because I want to do what’s right for my body and not base it on what others are doing. They don’t have to wear my pants!

      It’s uncomfortable at first but doing something different usually is. And that’s not the end of the world. It’s just uncomfortable but if it translates to losing some weight it ends up being an easy trade. It’s better than doing a diet where you have to be hungry and limited in what you eat!

      Hope that helps. 🙂

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    Hi, I'm Corinne

    I lost 100 pounds and get what it is like to be overweight and feel defeated. I did a complete mental and physical transformation and now I teach women how to do the EXACT same thing. You can get started today with the free course.