What’s Fair?

I know many of you are moms. Normally I talk about all things fitness but today I am listening to Logan do his math tutoring while I work. That baby works so hard to keep on par with his peers.

People ask me all the time what I am most proud of and naturally assume it’s my 100lb weight loss.

Well that is great and hell yes I am proud of that and the people I help because of it. BUT, what Chris and I are most proud of is Logan. We’ve never kept his autism a secret. From the day he was diagnosed on the first World Autism Day to today, as a family we’ve worked hard. He has done countless hours of therapy, tutoring, OT work, etc.

Rarely has this child ever complained. I’m not saying every session has been easy; there’s been tears and questions about why he has to do stuff other kids don’t, but in the end he gets in there and does the work.

It reminds me of my own journey inspired by him. It was like I was born to be fat and each and every day I have to fight to keep the weight off. it would be easy to throw a pity party about why I have to work twice as hard, why I am not as strong or fast as other women, why when I have treats my body wants to blow up crazy. There are days where I just don’t understand why I’m not like other people. It’s hard mentally. As hard as I work I want to be like all the athletes I admire, the friends who “seem” to eat what they want and always weigh the same, and the women who smoke me at races.

That’s not my journey, though. As much as I want the easy button it just isn’t mine. That’s OK. Today as I listened to Logan work with a smile on his face when other kids are swimming or at camps, I see that we all have things in life that make us different. I will always have to work harder. I was going to say struggle with my weight but that’s not true. I don’t struggle; I simply just have to work harder.

Logan is the same. He doesn’t struggle with autism; he just has to work harder at some things. So I guess what I am most proud of in life is the fact we’ve taught him that there is nothing unfair or wrong with hard work. We all have our gifts. With Logan his biggest gift is joy. He can find joy in the simple things and has an enthusiasm for life. He’s taught both of his parents how to love each other more than most couples, how to appreciate hard work, and how to just see life for it’s beauty.

I know in my heart had it not been for him I would never have learned how hard I can work and make my life better…not unfair. We could all learn a lesson from this special little boy.

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  • Autumn Boyd says:

    You are such an amazing mama 🙂 Loved reading this.

  • Fay says:

    Thank you for this post. I love reading your posts and they always seem to hit home at the right moment in my life. My son doesn’t have autism but other mental issues that we struggle with almost daily, it’s so easy to get wrapped up into why me that we forget what wonderful children we really do have and the gifts that they posses.

  • Dawn says:

    Great story about the sweet/joyous Logan. Always love hearing those. Nice shirt too, Corinne!!! I still wear mine often as a reminder of what I can accomplish.

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