Why Do I Just Keep Eating When I Know I Shouldn’t? [Video]

People ask me, “Why do I just keep eating when I know I should stop?”

It’s probably because you are having a one sided conversation in your head.

When pizza or ice cream is sitting in front of you, immediately you think…

“This looks so good.”

“F-it…I’ve been good all day.”

“I should be able to eat like everyone else.”

Sound familiar?

If you are tired of wanting to lose weight and getting nowhere then you have to know one thing.

What to ALSO think in that moment.

Warning. It’s not a fun and fuzzy thought. It’s some truth time.

Watch the 2 minute video and you’ll understand how to STOP talking yourself into overeating.


  • Denise Cember says:

    This so helps me get in check with myself!

  • Jen says:


  • Sue M. says:

    Those are very profound words and very meaningful. Thank you, Corinne..😌

  • Alice says:

    This video is a brilliant example of a good way to learn to talk to one’s self. I will sign up for the tribe because I can fast talk myself out of even brilliant examples.
    Can this be posted if I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account?

  • Wendi says:

    “You ran out of minutes.”

    That is as powerful a statement as I’ve ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes just to think about the things I might miss at the end of my life because I might feel entitled to make unfortunate food choices today. 🙁

    Definitely printing that out and taping it to the fridge and pantry door.

  • JeniPie says:

    One of the precepts of my belief system is to do no intentional harm to any conscious living being.
    I am a conscious living being.
    When I over-eat, I am harming my body, myself.
    Overeating is self harm.
    I can recollect this truth and act accordingly.
    I have the choice to show up for and protect myself from harm.
    I am worth it.
    So are YOU.

  • Trish says:

    Thank you. You are so helpful. I’ve lost 5.6 pounds. I listen to your podcast every time I get in the car. I’ve made small changes and I write shit down.

  • Silvia C. Gruber says:

    Your message is clear, honest, and to the point. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me and all of your tribe-members.

  • Michelle says:

    OMG! Reality check!!! LOVE THIS AND SAVING!

  • Ardis Leister says:

    Thanks Corrine, I will keep this mini motivation. Also thanks to my great coach, even though she is in Oregon and I am in Iowa! Love her help! Thanks, Lisa DuPre’ !!❤️

  • Susan says:

    I think I eat out of boredom, because I am a caregiver trapped at home most of the time. I will try this today.

  • Karen says:

    Definitely the conversation that goes on inside my head! Lots of self defeating thoughts. ☹️

  • Tracy says:

    Wow. When you put it that way, it really hits hard. Like look how selfish I’m being to my body for this extra lil bit of whatever.

  • Dorian Cornelius says:

    Words of wisdom. I want to cut out the conversation in my head about entitlement or whatever and just eat what my body needs.

  • Regina says:

    You speak the truth. Need it! Love it!

  • julie Locati says:

    Corinne, you are my guru. You are the best. I’ve been struggling since I was 5 years old. You’ve heard all the stories, I’m sure. But I feel you’re turning my thoughts around, for the first time, and I’m truly loving you for that.

  • Jalaine says:

    This video was gooood and I thank you!

  • Patty Bowen says:

    Great analysis, I can am going to think of this every time I want something that is not on my plan for the day

  • Becky Mason says:

    That hit home more than anything I’ve heard you say. So good!

  • Gena says:

    Very helpful! It’s easy to turn off the reasoning/sober part of the brain and “forget” about the rest of the story… Waiting for the next tribe opening opportunity!

    • MJ Sharifi says:

      So glad you’re joining the tribe! Make sure you’re on the mailing list and can’t wait to see you in the tribe on December 29! PNP Coach MJ

  • Vicky Sawyer says:

    My metabolism has slowed so much now that I’m over 50! Like bam!!-overnight. If I listen to my body, it honestly tells me it’s not hungry. Food I once loved, or still crave…it just doesn’t taste the same with the mental shift. Your video today gave my mind another “stick-to-it” memo! I won’t soon forget these images! A lost opportunity for “I love you” —That unhealthy food on my plate isn’t worth it. Thank you for a different perspective!!

  • Cat Urias says:

    Wow! I have tried to control my eating by guilting myself for years! Obviously that doesn’t and hasn’t worked! I’m going to keep listening to this video to help me get my focus right!

  • Sarah Churchill says:

    Thank you sweetheart. I’m glad you used the word sober. Exactly what I needed to hear in this moment.
    pnptribe member

  • Mimi says:

    Thank you for that sobering thought. I need everything in your arsenal to fight the verbal war that goes on in my head. I truly appreciate That you are sharing the wealth of your wisdom & experience. I am doing your free course and I am experiencing a positive shift. On my way & enjoying this path to the real me.

    • MJ Sharifi says:

      We are so glad to hear that this content is helping you and that you are changing your thoughts about yourself! PNP Coach MJ

  • Marilyn says:

    You are so right on!!!!

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