Why Should Anyone Listen To Me?

Sometimes I wonder, “Why should anyone listen to me?” There’s a million bloggers out there who talk about weight loss. I don’t sell a magic pill, have a perfect bikini plan to offer you, and my body is average.

I lost weight the old school way. One day I got up and started walking. A little bit later I quit eating out of cartons and bags moving to bowls and plates. Each week I sort of just thought, “Hmmm, is there something else I can do this week that won’t overwhelm me?”

There’s not a huge book, formula, pill, or macro plan that I can create and each person who reads my blog will be like HELL YES! Finally, I found the answer!

What I do know is this. I changed how I talked to myself. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t suddenly blow some positive smoke up my ass and speak all yoga-mystic overnight. I had plenty of Fat Girl Thinking the whole way. What I did different was NOTICE it and then say something different. I did all this WAY before I found self-help people online talking the same things. I was “before my time” y’all!

I know what you guys want. You want somebody out there to just tell you what to do. I’m telling you right here and now it won’t help unless YOU KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH AND WORTH IT.

Any menu I give you won’t matter if you can’t tell yourself you are WORTH food prep, packing a cooler, saying no to cookies after your kid said they hate you, and put down the wine for water after a long week.

There are menus, calorie ranges, better foods, great strength plans, tough runner’s workouts, awesome videos from Beachbody and more. But not one of them will change your ass until you put yourself into a mindset that allows change.

Not many people will tell you this stuff. They want to sell you the latest affiliate diet and workout plan “saying” they are different. I see it all the time. Don’t look for promises. Look for people like me who will stop you dead in your tracks. This past month I have…

1) Turned down someone for PNPCoaching because she wanted menus and plans. Until she agreed to work on her thinking she didn’t need a spot with me. She already knew how to eat right and exercise. She didn’t know how to be happy and get out of her own way.

2) Told someone to NOT sign up for our Phit Eating 101 workshop if she wasn’t ready to focus and do some work. I don’t need her money but what I do need is to feel like I’m changing lives. I can’t change someone’s life if they are too busy to prioritize the workshop. That’s fine and a good choice for her now. And a great choice for me because I thrive when I touch lives; not when I cash a check.

3) Told at least two clients to quit training this week. They didn’t feel good and weren’t sleeping. They’ve never had a trainer tell them to put on the brakes. It’s always push if you want results.

I am a health and lifestyle trainer who lost 100lbs. I help women change their thinking about diet and exercise so they live a healthy, sexy and happy life.

For myself, when I’m living authentically by walking the talk I know I can steer women to change. Authenticity means being real, honest, and inspiring with being raw. This is why I share so much of my life with all of you. I don’t want to be some chick behind a laptop. I’m the goofy person who shares videos falling out of yoga poses, filming my thoughts without makeup and then bawling because I still struggle, and photos of me post-workout looking like a tomato face.

Basically, you SHOULD listen to me. I wish I had someone out there who was a real, silly, in your face, cussed, and could just tell me how to maintain weight loss. Maintenance is a journey all on it’s own. I look for my own gurus but they are hard to find. The internet seems to be full of people only in it for the money and not for the passion to change lives.

This is one reason I built PNP. I wanted authentic people who I could inspire. But, it’s not about inspiring them. It’s about me always searching for ways to be immersed in positivity. There’s enough negative crap in the world so I created my own safe place to play, be me, talk with other people who thought like me and, honestly, turned it into a business.

I am blessed to have PNP. The family I built has helped me stay at goal weight, helps me to to set new goals, and inspires me to just be ME. I can be me and that’s enough. Being enough is awesome and what my site is all about.

Once you are enough then you can use my tools to make yourself an even more awesome version of you. At least that’s my goal. I know right now I am enough and perfect; it’s my choice if this is enough or if I want to create a little more awesome in my life.

This is me and the next generation PNP Yogi’s. They had their #namaste face on. I was grinning like a crazy lady sporting that tomato face!

  • Elaine Hadley says:

    Day after day as I read your blog, I’m blown away…..by how much you give of yourself, how open and honest and raw…..not to mention funny as shit…that you are, by how I can take so many nuggets and apply to my own life. Every day I take a breath, I have the opportunity to not only improve myself, but to hopefully make a difference in the lives of others. Though I’ve only been a member a short time, it was very easy to feel comfortable, to feel like family, and it is through your inspirational story and motivation, along with the wonderful women of PNP that this is possible. In very many ways, yours is a ministry and I’m grateful that a dear friend (Kathleen) led me here.

  • Sherri Williams says:

    this is why I LOVE YOU!

  • Dawn Willey says:

    I adore you, Corrine. Another of your great one liners……”And a great choice for me because I thrive when I touch lives; not when I cash a check.”

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