Why We Overeat

‎”Everyone – every single one of us – eats how much we eat largely because of what’s around us. We overeat not because of hunger but because of family and friends, packages and plates, names and numbers, labels and lights, colors and candles, shapes and smells, distractions and distances, cupboards and containers. This list is almost endless as it’s invisible.” – from the pages of Mindless Eating


I saw this on a post today and it reminds me of how easy it is for most people to forget that losing FAT is not always going to be easy. We got fat because we too often take the easy way out.

Yep, there are times you are going to get hungry. Adjust your plan so you keep making good choices.

Sometimes you WILL HAVE CRAVINGS. Guess what? You can’t always have what you crave. Sometimes you have to make the not so fun choice if you ever want to start having fun in your body!

One of my private site clients posted something enlightening in her private journal. With her permission I want to share it and feel free to comment on it, too.

I know I do my meal planning and some prep for the week on Sundays.  Usually, I have all my breakfasts and lunches done for the week and I also have 100% compliance during these times. I know what I will have for supper, but I have to come home after a long day to the most stressful time of the day with the boys, homework, activities and supper prep.

When I travel I actually lose weight because I am not in the kitchen “making supper” and have few “food opportunities” as the meals are prepared for me and delivered to me.

I thought I did my meal prep, but what I learned and read yesterday is that I give myself  “food opportunities” throughout the week when I cook supper.  I already have the meat thawed and the menu planned so the meal is a no brainer.  But what I didn’t get until yesterday is that I am setting myself up to eat an extra 200 + calories a night by munching during the supper prep.  If all I had to do was put on some pots of water to boil and I could be in and out of the kitchen in 5 min, I would be reducing the temptation by a lot of calories a night. If I could get someone else to do this for me, well then that would be the best ever.

So what I will/did do is prep. my suppers to the extent that I can.  I have sliced all the veggies for sides and bagged pre-measured amount of rice, one big salad for the week, jello salads made in the morning before work.  So if all I have to do is spend 5 min. in the kitchen making supper, I would have managed this food opportunity much better.

I know I read someone else had previously mentioned something about making suppers a no brainer but I didn’t get the connection to reducing the food opportunity.  I thought making it “fresh” each night and having a plan was enough.  Now I realize that having it prepped is even better.  K – I told you I sometimes “get it”.

Something else I realized this weekend when I was too busy to eat a couple of meals… the lack of structure – and packing my cooler- messes up my eating plan.  Even though the meal may be prepped and in the fridge, I am not structuring my eating on the weekends like the week days.  So I will pack a cooler on Saturday and Sunday and just leave it in the fridge just like the week days. This way, the only choices I will have to make is when to open the fridge and lunch bag to eat.


If you ask me, Tracey is really starting to figure out her own roadblocks and blowing through them. Amazing what a private journal on my site does for you when you take the time to keep one. For all my private girls remember I do read and I do guide you so USE IT!

  • Kay says:

    I agree I really like that phrase ” reducing food opportunity”. I think that this type of knowledge takes alot of inner searching.Thanks for sharing.

  • Lindsay says:

    “reducing food opportunity” is my new favorite phrase. WTG again PNP nation! Thanks Tracey.

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