Will I Gain 5lbs Moving?


We’ve bought a new house and this month I have 30 days to pack up 12 years of life.

Admittedly, I was worried a few days ago. You girls think I always have my crap together mentally but I don’t. Just like most people, fear creeps into my brain easily.

As we were looking for houses and finally found one, I totally had two thoughts haunting me:

“I don’t want to gain five pounds this month because of the move.”

“I am afraid I won’t do a good job at PNP this month.”

I’m predicting a whole lot of failure. My brain is powerful so why the heck would I let these thoughts be the ones I want it to go to work on and PROVE? These are thoughts that are miserable, scary, and don’t lead to successful endings.

It made me sort of sad that after all this time coaching myself that I still default think things like this. When I started feeling panic, sadness, and worry I knew I needed to figure out what was going on with me!

The only thing that has happened is I’m moving to a new house. One that I love, by the way! I want to be excited about this so why am I filled with such awful feelings?

Those thoughts. I am moving makes me think I’m gaining five pounds and will be a piss-poor employee this month. Well, that’s logical. LOL

So often we all do this; we have a small circumstance but have loads of CRAZY thoughts that make it seem like so much more than it really is.

The thoughts come down to not being in control. Scratch that.

I “think” I’m not in control; that things are happening to me. Things like no control over my time, my food, my exercise times, my prep time, my availability to self and others.

Well, like I tell my online clients, that’s crap.

Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens and you create how you show up for it.

This move is happening. I can choose to think I can’t control my food, exercise, time on my computer, etc., or I can decide how I want to show up this month.

How do I want to show up for ME?

Now that I see I can change my thoughts, it is a lot easier to actually come up with ways to do things better. I am in control of my life this month.

I get to choose what I eat. Even if the kitchen is packed and we eat out doesn’t mean it’s burgers, fries, and wine. Just means I get to choose what I order.

I get to choose when I workout. If the dungeon is packed and the treadmills are moved doesn’t mean it’s a day off. Just means I get to choose where, when, and how to move.

I get to choose my work hours. If I’m in between offices and doing a lot of driving I get to choose places I can stop and log on. 

I also get to choose my own plans. Again, I get to CREATE my life. It’s not life happening TO me. When you take the time to see how much you are in control you might just be amazed.

This month I have loads of choices. Do I get up earlier to workout? Do I go to the gym or yoga at home? Do I prioritize my workouts in order or importance or squeeze them all in? Do I do full blown food preps, do more crockpot meals, or do we mix healthy dining out options with things like rotisserie chicken and bagged salads? Do I pre-write my blogs, social media posts, and client programs early or do I make a modified work schedule doing only things for existing members?

Yep, I get to choose how I want to feel this month. Those feelings are in-control, excited, motivated, and healthy.

See, I’m not lacking the skills to eat right, exercise, and run a business. I was simply lacking thoughts that focused me where I want to go!

Same 30 days. Same move. Two totally different mindsets.

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    Thank you for being real & genuine!

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