Winners of Our Holiday Hustle!

We ran an eight week contest through the holidays at PNP and we had some winners! Believe it or not, my girls proved that you can lose weight and make it through Christmas. And, they also went into the year with some good motivation and support to keep making great things happen.

Our winning team was Jane's Jewels. They didn't have it easy. Lots of unfortunate events struck this team but they hung in there, kept changing their plans to fit their life rather than taking life in the butt, and they supported each other.

Many of them lost weight but most of them learned a lot about who they are and want to be. A few of their comments…

"I finally found a good place, stopped over-thinking and just "doing."

"I learned to not cope with family drama by eating or drinking wine!"

"I was very consistent this holiday season and avoided binges."

Our overall champion was Ms. Emily K!!! She lost 11lbs and 4 inches through Christmas y'all! I have to say, she is one of my best cheerleaders on the site. She is a hard worker hitting a hybrid of Turbo Fire and Chalene Extreme, is a DEVOUT fan of Shakeology, but more than just what she does, she gives back to the community.

Emily really embodies what it takes to lose weight. She is making it a part of her being. Not only does she plan her day but she offers encouragement, advice, shares her ups and downs, and stays dialed into the people who understand her journey.

I can't express to you how important that part of your fatloss is: the support you have around you. Emily makes sure that she is not spending her time with people or things that distract her from her goal. She makes the time for getting her social and personal circle on board.

When I was losing weight and throughout maintenance my KEY factor has been creating a life that breathes the kind of body and mind I want. You want to be positive; cut the drama-llama friends in your life. You want to be healthy and fit; don't keep going to lunch with someone who eats Chinese Buffet every day. It's really a key part of the game and it's one YOU control.

  • Emily says:

    Oh, such sweet words. Thank you so MUCH, for providing a place of solace; a place for me to be ME. I am succeeding because of PNP and YOU!! xoxo

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